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hunters, from the Curragh, and confusionaries and the authori-1
ties, Noord Amrikaans and Suid Aferican cattleraiders (so they2
say) all over like a tiara dullfuoco, in his grey half a tall hat and3
his amber necklace and his crimson harness and his leathern jib4
and his cheapshein hairshirt and his scotobrit sash and his para-5
pilagian gallowglasses (how do you do, jaypee, Elevato !) to find6
out all the improper colleges (and how do you do, Mr Dame7
James? Get out of my way!), forkbearded and bluetoothed and8
bellied and boneless, from Strathlyffe and Aylesburg and North-9
umberland Anglesey, the whole yaghoodurt sweepstakings and10
all the horsepowers. But now, talking of hayastdanars and11
wolkingology and how our seaborn isle came into exestuance,12
(the explutor, his three andesiters and the two pantellarias) that13
reminds me about the manausteriums of the poor Marcus of Lyons14
and poor Johnny, the patrician, and what do you think of the four15
of us and there they were now, listening right enough, the four16
saltwater widowers, and all they could remembore, long long ago17
in the olden times Momonian, throw darker hour sorrows, the18
princest day, when Fair Margrate waited Swede Villem, and Lally19
in the rain, with the blank prints, now extincts, after the wreak20
of Wormans' Noe, the barmaisigheds, when my heart knew no21
care, and after that then there was the official landing of Lady22
Jales Casemate, in the year of the flood 1132 S.O.S., and the23
christening of Queen Baltersby, the Fourth Buzzersbee, accord-24
ing to Her Grace the bishop Senior, off the whate shape, and25
then there was the drowning of Pharoah and all his pedestrians26
and they were all completely drowned into the sea, the red sea,27
and then poor Merkin Cornyngwham, the official out of the28
castle on pension, when he was completely drowned off Erin29
Isles, at that time, suir knows, in the red sea and a lovely30
mourning paper and thank God, as Saman said, there were no31
more of him. And that now was how it was. The arzurian deeps32
o'er his humbodumbones sweeps. And his widdy the giddy is33
wreathing her murmoirs as her gracest triput to the Grocery34
Trader's Manthly. Mind mand gunfree by Gladeys Rayburn!35
Runtable's Reincorporated. The new world presses. Where the36