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lovely tint, embellished by the charms of art and very well con-1
ducted and nicely mannered and all the horrid rudy noisies locked2
up in nasty cubbyhole!) as tired as they were, the three jolly3
topers, with their mouths watering, all the four, the old connu-4
bial men of the sea, yambing around with their old pantometer,5
in duckasaloppics, Luke and Johnny MacDougall and all wishen-6
ing for anything at all of the bygone times, the wald times and7
the fald times and the hempty times and the dempty times, for a8
cup of kindness yet, for four farback tumblerfuls of woman9
squash, with them, all four, listening and spraining their ears for10
the millennium and all their mouths making water.11
    Johnny. Ah well, sure, that's the way (up) and it so happened 12
there was poor Matt Gregory (up), their pater familias, and (up)13
the others and now really and (up) truly they were four dear14
old heladies and really they looked awfully pretty and so nice and15
bespectable and after that they had their fathomglasses to find16
out all the fathoms and their half a tall hat, just now like the old17
Merquus of Pawerschoof, the old determined despot, (quiescents18
in brage!) only for the extrusion of the saltwater or the auctioneer19
there dormont, in front of the place near O'Clery's, at the darku-20
mound numbur wan, beside that ancient Dame street, where the21
statue of Mrs Dana O'Connell, prostituent behind the Trinity22
College, that arranges all the auctions of the valuable colleges,23
Bootersbay Sisters, like the auctioneer Battersby Sisters, the pru-24
misceous creaters, that sells all the emancipated statues and25
flowersports, James H. Tickell, the jaypee, off Hoggin Green,26
after he made the centuries, going to the tailturn horseshow, be-27
fore the angler nomads flood, along with another fellow, active28
impalsive, and the shoeblacks and the redshanks and plebeians29
and the barrancos and the cappunchers childerun, Jules, every-30
one, Gotopoxy, with the houghers on them, highstepping the31
fissure and fracture lines, seven five threes up, three five32
sevens down, to get out of his way, onasmuck as their withers33
conditions could not possibly have been improved upon,34
(praisers be to deeseesee!) like hopolopocattls, erumping oround35
their Judgity Yaman, and all the tercentenary horses and priest-36