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cuddling and kiddling her, after an oyster supper in Cullen's bam,1
from under her mistlethrush and kissing and listening, in the good2
old bygone days of Dion Boucicault, the elder, in Arrah-na-3
pogue, in the otherworld of the passing of the key of Two-4
tongue Common, with Nush, the carrier of the word, and with5
Mesh, the cutter of the reed, in one of the farback, pitchblack6
centuries when who made the world, when they knew O'Clery,7
the man on the door, when they were all four collegians on the8
nod, neer the Nodderlands Nurskery, whiteboys and oakboys,9
peep of tim boys and piping tom boys, raising hell while the sin10
was shining, with their slates and satchels, playing Florian's fables11
and communic suctions and vellicar frictions with mixum mem-12
bers, in the Queen's Ultonian colleges, along with another fellow,13
a prime number, Totius Quotius, and paying a pot of tribluts14
to Boris O'Brien, the buttler of Clumpthump, two looves, two15
turnovers plus (one) crown, to see the mad dane ating his16
vitals. Wulf! Wulf! And throwing his tongue in the snakepit. Ah17
ho! The ladies have mercias! It brought the dear prehistoric18
scenes all back again, as fresh as of yore, Matt and Marcus, natu-19
ral born lovers of nature, in all her moves and senses, and after20
that now there he was, that mouth of mandibles, vowed to pure21
beauty, and his Arrah-na-poghue, when she murmurously, after22
she let a cough, gave her firm order, if he wouldn't please mind,23
for a sings to one hope a dozen of the best favourite lyrical24
national blooms in Luvillicit, though not too much, reflecting on25
the situation, drinking in draughts of purest air serene and re-26
velling in the great outdoors, before the four of them, in the fair27
fine night, whilst the stars shine bright, by she light of he moon,28
we longed to be spoon, before her honeyoldloom, the plaint effect29
being in point of fact there being in the whole, a seatuition so30
shocking and scandalous and now, thank God, there were no more31
of them and he poghuing and poghuing like the Moreigner32
bowed his crusted hoed and Tilly the Tailor's Tugged a Tar in the33
Arctic Newses Dagsdogs number and there they were, like a34
foremasters in the rolls, listening, to Rolando's deepen darblun35
Ossian roll, (Lady, it was just too gorgeous, that expense of a36