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grogging suburbanites, such as it was, fall and fall about, to the1
brindishing of his charmed life, as toastified by his cheeriubi-2
cundenances, no matter whether it was chateaubottled Guiness's3
or Phoenix brewery stout it was or John Jameson and Sons or4
Roob Coccola or, for the matter of that, O'Connell's famous old5
Dublin ale that he wanted like hell, more that halibut oil or6
jesuits tea, as a fall back, of several different quantities and quali-7
ties amounting in all to, I should say, considerably more than the8
better part of a gill or naggin of imperial dry and liquid measure9
till, welcome be from us here, till the rising of the morn, till that10
hen of Kaven's shows her beaconegg, and Chapwellswendows11
stain our horyhistoricold and Father MacMichael stamps for12
aitch o'clerk mess and the Litvian Newestlatter is seen, sold and13
delivered and all's set for restart after the silence, like his ancestors14
to this day after him (that the blazings of their ouldmouldy gods15
may attend to them we pray!), overopposides the cowery lad in16
the corner and forenenst the staregaze of the cathering candled,17
that adornment of his album and folkenfather of familyans, he18
came acrash a crupper sort of a sate on accomondation and the19
very boxst in all his composs, whereuponce, behome the fore20
for cove and trawlers, heave hone, leave lone, Larry's on the21
focse and Faugh MacHugh O'Bawlar at the wheel, one to do and22
one to dare, par by par, a peerless pair, ever here and over there,23
with his fol the dee oll the doo on the flure of his feats and the24
feels of the fumes in the wakes of his ears our wineman from25
Barleyhome he just slumped to throne.26
    So sailed the stout ship Nansy Hans. From Liff away. For 27
Nattenlaender. As who has come returns. Farvel, farerne! Good-28
bark, goodbye!29
    Now follow we out by Starloe! 30