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barke's echo! Kick nuck, Knockcastle! Muck! And you'll nose it,1
O you'll nose it, without warnward from we. We don't know the2
sendor to whome. But you'll find Chiggenchugger's taking the3
Treaclyshortcake with Bugle and the Bitch pairsadrawsing and4
Horssmayres Prosession tyghting up under the threes. Stop.5
Press stop. To press stop. All to press stop. And be the seem6
talkin wharabahts hosetanzies, dat sure is sullibrated word! Bing7
bong! Saxolooter, for congesters are salders' prey. Snap it up in8
the loose, patchy the blank! Anyone can see you're the son of a9
gunnell. Fellow him up too, Carlow! Woes to the worm-10
quashed, aye, and wor to the winner! Think of Aerian's Wall and11
the Fall of Toss. Give him another for to volleyholleydoodlem!12
His lights not all out yet, the liverpooser! Boohoohoo it oose!13
With seven hores always in the home of his thinkingthings, his14
nodsloddledome of his noiselisslesoughts. Two Idas, two Evas,15
two Nessies and Rubyjuby. Phook! No wonder, pipes as kirles,16
that he sthings like a rheinbok. One bed night he had the dely-17
siums that they were all queens mobbing him. Fell stiff. Oh,18
ho, ho, ho, ah, he, he! Abedicate yourself It just gegs our goad.19
He'll be the deaf of us, pappappoppopcuddle, samblind daiy-20
rudder. Yus, sord, fathe, you woll, putty our wraughther!21
What we waits be after? Whyfore we come agooding? None of22
you, cock icy! You keep that henayearn and her fortycantle glim23
lookbehinder. We might do with rubiny leeses. But of all your24
wanings send us out your peppydecked ales and you'll not be25
such a bad lot. The rye is well for whose amind but the wheateny26
one is proper lovely. B E N K! We sincerestly trust that Missus27
with the kiddies of sweet Gorteen has not B I N K to their very28
least tittles deranged if in B U N K and we greesiously augur for29
your Meggers a B E N K  B A N K  B O N K to sloop in with30
all sorts of adceterus and adsaturas. It's our last fight, Megantic,31
fear you will! The refergee's took to hailing to time the pass.32
There goes the blackwatchwomen, all in white, flaxed up, pur-33
gad! Right toe, Armitage! Tem for Tam at Timmotty Hall!34
We're been carried away. Beyond bournes and bowers. So we'll35
leave it to Keyhoe, Danelly and Pykemhyme, the three muskrat-36