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Lima since Ineen MacCormick MacCoort MacConn O'Puckins1
MacKundred. Only but she is a little width wider got. Be moving2
abog. You cannot make a limousine lady out of a hillman minx.3
Listun till you'll hear the Mudquirt accent. This is a bulgen4
horesies, this is wollan indulgencies, this is a flemsh. Tik. Scapu-5
lars, beads and a stump of a candle, Hubert was a Hunter, chemins6
de la croixes and Rosairette's egg, all the trimmings off the tree7
that she picked up after the Clontarf voterloost when O'Bryan8
MacBruiser bet Norris Nobnut. Becracking his cucconut be-9
tween his kknneess. Umpthump, Here Inkeeper, it's the doater-10
een's wednessmorn! Delphin dringing! Grusham undergang!11
And the Real Hymernians strenging strong at knocker knocker!12
Holy and massalltolled. You ought to tak a dos of frut. Jik.13
Sauss. You're getting hoovier, a twelve stone hoovier, fullends14
a twelve stone hoovier, in your corpus entis and it scurves you15
right, demnye! Aunt as unclish ams they make oom. But Nichtia16
you bound not to loose's gone on Neffin since she clapped her17
charmer on him at Gormagareen. At the Gunting Munting Hunt-18
ing Punting. The eitch is in her blood, arrah! For a frecklesome19
freshcheeky sweetworded lupsqueezer. And he shows how he'll20
pick him the lock of her fancy. Poghue! Poghue! Poghue! And21
a good jump, Powell! Clean over all their heads. We could kiss22
him for that one, couddled we, Huggins? Sparkes is the footer23
to hance off nancies. Scaldhead, pursue! Before you bunkledoodle24
down upon your birchentop again after them three blows from25
time, drink and hurry. The same three that nursed you, Skerry,26
Badbols and the Grey One. All of your own club too. With the27
fistful of burryberries were for the massus for to feed you living28
in dying. Buy bran biscuits and you'll never say dog. And be29
in the finest of companies. Morialtay and Kniferope Walker and30
Rowley the Barrel. With Longbow of the lie. Slick of the trick31
and Blennercassel of the brogue. Clanruckard for ever! The32
Fenn, the Fenn, the kinn of all Fenns! Deaf to the winds when33
for Croonacreena. Fisht! And it's not now saying how we are34
where who's softing what rushes. Merryvirgin forbed! But of35
they never eat soullfriede they're ating it now. With easter36