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in your flesh. To tell how your mead of, mard, is made of. All old1
Dadgerson's dodges one conning one's copying and that's what2
wonderland's wanderlad'll flaunt to the fair. A trancedone boy-3
script with tittivits by. Ahem. You'll read it tomorrow, marn,4
when the curds on the table. A nigg for a nogg and a thrate for5
a throte. The auditor learns. Still pumping on Torkenwhite Rad-6
lumps, Lencs. In preplays to Anonymay's left hinted palinode7
obviously inspiterebbed by a sibspecious connexion. Note the8
notes of admiration! See the signs of suspicion! Count the hemi-9
semidemicolons! Screamer caps and invented gommas, quoites10
puntlost, forced to farce! The pipette will say anything at all for11
a change. And you know what aglove means in the Murdrus due-12
luct! Fewer to feud and rompant culotticism, a fugle for the glee-13
men and save, sit and sew. And a pants outsizinned on the14
Doughertys' duckboard pointing to peace at home. In some,15
lawanorder on lovinardor. Wait till we hear the Boy of Biskop16
reeling around your postoral lector! Epistlemadethemology for17
deep dorfy doubtlings. As we'll lay till break of day in the bunk of18
basky, O! Our island, Rome and duty! Well tried, buckstiff! Batt19
in, boot! Sell him a breach contact, the vendoror, the buylawyer20
One hyde, sack, hic! Two stick holst, Lucky! Finnish Make Goal!21
First you were Nomad, next you were Namar, now you're Nu-22
mah and it's soon you'll be Nomon. Hence counsels Ecclesiast.23
There's every resumption. The forgein offils is on the shove to24
lay you out dossier. Darby's in the yard, planning it on you, plot25
and edgings, the whispering peeler after cooks wearing an illfor-26
mation. The find of his kind! An artist, sir! And dirt cheap at27
a sovereign a skull! He knows his Finsbury Follies backwoods28
so you batter see to your regent refutation. Ascare winde is rifing29
again about nice boys going native. You know who was wrote30
about in the Orange Book of Estchapel? Basil and the two other31
men from King's Avenance. Just press this cold brand against32
your brow for a mow. Cainfully! The sinus the curse. That's it.33
Hung Chung Egglyfella now speak he tell numptywumpty top-34
sawys belongahim pidgin. Secret things other persons place there35
covered not. How you fell from story to story like a sagasand36