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Seek! And number two digged up Poors Coort, Soother, trying1
to. Hide! Seek! Hide! Seek! And nomber three he sleeped with2
Lilly Tekkles at The Eats and he was trying to. Hide! Seek!3
Hide! Seek! And the last with the sailalloyd donggie he was4
berthed on the Moherboher to the Washte and they were all try-5
ing to and baffling with the walters of, hoompsydoompsy walters6
of. High! Sink! High! Sink! Highohigh! Sinkasink!7
    Waves. 8
    The gangstairs strain and anger's up As Hoisty rares the can 9
and cup To speed the bogre's barque away O'er wather parted10
from the say.11
    Horkus chiefest ebblynuncies! 12
          He shook be ashaped of hempshelves, hiding that shepe in 13
his goat. And for rassembling so bearfellsed the magreedy14
prince of Roger. Thuthud. Heigh hohse, heigh hohse, our kin-15
dom from an orse! Bruni Lanno's woollies on Brani Lonni's16
hairyparts. And the hunk in his trunk it would be an insalt foul17
the matter of that cellaring to a pigstrough. Stop his laysense.18
Ink him! You would think him Alddaublin staking his lordsure like19
a gourd on puncheon. Deblinity devined. Wholehunting the pairk20
on a methylogical mission whenever theres imberillas! And call-21
ing Rina Roner Reinette Ronayne. To what mine answer is a22
lemans. Arderleys, beedles and postbillers heard him. Three23
points to one. Ericus Vericus corrupted into ware eggs. Dummy24
up, distillery! Broree aboo! Run him a johnsgate down jameses-25
lane. Begetting a wife which begame his niece by pouring her26
youngthings into skintighs. That was when he had dizzy spells.27
Till Gladstools Pillools made him ride as the mall. Thanks to his28
huedobrass beerd. Lodenbroke the Longman, now he canseels29
under veerious persons but is always that Rorke relly! On con-30
sideration for the musickers he ought to have down it. Pass out31
your cheeks, why daunt you! Penalty, please! There you'll know32
how warder barded the bollhead that parssed our alley. We just33
are upsidedown singing what ever the dimkims mummur alla-34
lilty she pulls inner out heads. This is not the end of this by no35
manners means. When you've bled till you're bone it crops out36