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rindwards, had hircomed to the belles bows and been cutat-1
trapped by the mausers. Now is it town again, londmear of Dub-2
lin! And off coursse the toller, ples the dotter of his eyes with3
her: Moke the Wanst, whye doe we aime alike a pose of poeter4
peaced? While the dumb he shoots the shopper rope. And they5
all pour forth. Sans butly Tuppeter Sowyer, the rouged engene-6
rand, a barttler of the beauyne, still our benjamin liefest, some-7
time frankling to thise citye, whereas bigrented him a piers half8
subporters for his arms, Josiah Pipkin, Amos Love, Raoul Le Feb-9
ber, Blaize Taboutot, Jeremy Yopp, Francist de Loomis, Hardy10
Smith and Sequin Pettit followed by the snug saloon seanad of11
our Café Béranger. The scenictutors.12
    Because they wonted to get out by the goatweigh afore the sheep 13
was looset for to wish the Wobbleton Whiteleg Welshers kailly-14
kailly kellykekkle and savebeck to Brownhazelwood from all the15
dinnasdoolins on the labious banks of their swensewn snewwes-16
ner, turned again weastinghome, by Danesbury Common, and17
they onely, duoly, thruely, fairly after rainydraining founty-18
buckets (chalkem up, hemptyempty!) till they caught the wind19
abroad (alley loafers passinggeering!) all the rockers on the20
roads and all the boots in the stretes.21
    Oh dere! Ah hoy! 22
    Last ye, lundsmin, hasty hosty! For an anondation of miri- 23
fication and the lutification of our paludination.24
    His bludgeon's bruk, his drum is tore. For spuds we'll keep the 25
hat he wore And roll in clover on his clay By wather parted26
from the say.27
    Hray! Free rogue Mountone till Dew Mild Well to corry awen 28
and glowry! Are now met by Brownaboy Fuinnninuinn's former29
for a lyncheon partyng of his burgherbooh. The Shanavan30
Wacht. Rantinroarin Batteries Dorans. And that whistling thief,31
O' Ryne O'Rann. With a catch of her cunning like and nowhere32
a keener.33
    The for eolders were aspolootly at their wetsend in the mailing 34
waters, trying to. Hide! Seek! Hide! Seek! Because number one35
lived at Bothersby North and he was trying to. Hide! Seek! Hide!36