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to ear, comprong? (c) becakes the goatsman on question, or what-1
ever the hen the bumbler was, feeling not up to scratch bekicks2
of whatever the kiddings Payne Inge and Popper meant for him,3
thoughy onced at a throughlove, true grievingfrue danger, as a4
nirshe persent to his minstress, devourced the pair of them5
Mather Caray's chucklings, pante blanche, and skittered his litters6
like the cavaliery man in Cobra Park for ungeborn yenkelmen,7
Jeremy Trouvas or Kepin O'Keepers, any old howe and any old8
then and when around Dix Dearthy Dungbin, remarking sceni-9
cally with laddylike lassitude upon what he finally postscrapped,10
(d) after it's so long till I thanked you about I do so much now11
thank you so very much as you introduced me to fourks, (e) will,12
these remind to be sane? (f) Fool step! Aletheometry? Or just13
zoot doon floon?14
    Nut it out, peeby eye! Onamassofmancynaves. 15
    But. Top. 16
    You were in the same boat of yourselves too, Getobodoff or 17
Treamplasurin; and you receptionated the most diliskious of18
milisk; which it all flowowered your drooplin dunlearies: but19
dribble a drob went down your rothole. Meaning, Kelly, Grimes,20
Phelan, Mollanny, O'Brien, MacAlister, Sealy, Coyle, Hynes-21
Joynes, Naylar-Traynor, Courcy de Courcy and Gilligan-Goll.22
    Stunner of oddstodds on bluebleeding boarhorse! What 23
soresen's head subrises thus tous out of rumpumplikun oak with,24
well, we cannot say whom we are looking like through his now-25
face? It is of Noggens whilk dusts the bothsides of the seats of the26
bigslaps of the bogchaps of the porlarbaar of the marringaar of the27
Lochlunn gonlannludder of the feof of the foef of forfummed28
    Boumce! It is polisignstunter. The Sockerson boy. To pump 30
the fire of the lewd into those soulths of bauchees, havsouse-31
dovers, tillfellthey deadwar knootvindict. An whele time he was32
rancing there smutsy floskons nodunder ycholerd for their33
poopishers, ahull onem Fyre maynoother endnow! Shatten up34
ship! Bouououmce! Nomo clandoilskins cheakinlevers! All35
ashored for Capolic Gizzards! Stowlaway there, glutany of36