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mim. Look at Lokman! Whatbetween the cupgirls and the1
platterboys. And he grew back into his grossery baseness: and2
for all his grand remonstrance: and there you are.3
    Here endeth chinchinatibus with have speak finish. With a 4
haygue for a halt on a pouncefoot panse. Pink, pleas pink, two5
pleas pink, how to pleas pink.6
    Punk. 7
    Mask one. Mask two. Mask three. Mask four. 8
    Up. 9
          Look about you, Tutty Comyn! 10
          Remember and recall, Kullykeg! 11
          When visiting Dan Leary try the corner house for thee. 12
          I'll gie ye credit for simmence more if ye'll be lymphing. 13
    Our four avunculusts.14
    And, since threestory sorratelling was much too many, they 15
maddened and they morgued and they lungd and they jowld.16
Synopticked on the word.17
    Till the Juke done it.18
    Down. 19
    Like Jukoleon, the seagoer, when he bore down in his perry 20
boat he had raised a slide and shipped his orders and seized his21
pullets and primed their plumages, the fionnling and dubhlet, the22
dun and the fire, and, sending them one by other to fare fore forn,23
he had behold the residuance of a delugion: the foggy doze still24
going strong, the old thalassocrats of invinsible empores, maskers25
of the waterworld, facing one way to another way and this way26
on that way, from severalled their fourdimmansions. Where the27
lighning leaps from the numbulous; where coold by cawld breide28
lieth langwid; the bounds whereinbourne our solied bodies all29
attomed attaim arrest: appoint, that's all. But see what follows.30
Wringlings upon wronglings among incomputables about an31
uncomeoutable (an angel prophetethis? kingcorrier of beheasts?32
the calif in his halifskin? that eyriewinging one?) and the voids33
bubbily vode's dodos across the which the boomomouths from34
their dupest dupes were in envery and anononously blowing35