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Popottes, where you canceal me you mayst forced guage my1
bribes. Wickedgapers, I appeal against the light! A nexistence of2
vividence! Panto, boys, is on a looser inloss;ballet, girls, suppline3
thrown tights. I have wanted to thank you such a long time so4
much now. Thank you. Sir, kindest of bottleholders and very dear5
friend, among our hearts of steel, froutiknow, it will befor you,6
me dare beautiful young soldier, winninger nor anyour of rudi-7
mental moskats, before you go to mats, you who have watched8
your share with your sockboule sodalists on your buntad nogs at9
our love tennis squats regatts, suckpump, when on with the balls10
did disserve the fain, my goldrush gainst her silvernetss, to say,11
biguidd, for the love of goddess and perthanow as you reveres12
your one mothers, mitsch for matsch, and while I reveal thus my13
deepseep daughter which was bourne up pridely out of meds-14
dreams unclouthed when I was pillowing in my brime (of Satur-15
nay Eve, how now, woren't we't?), to see, I say, whoahoa, in stay16
of execution in re Milcho Melekmans, increaminated, what you17
feel, oddrabbit, upon every strong ground you have ever taken18
up, by bitterstiff work or battonstaff play, with assault of turk19
against a barrakraval of grakeshoots, e'en tho' Jambuwel's defe-20
calties is Terry Shimmyrag's upperturnity, if that is grace for tbe21
grass what is balm for the bramblers, as it is as it is, that I am the22
catasthmatic old ruffin sippahsedly improctor to be seducint tro-23
vatellas, the dire daffy damedeaconesses, like (why sighs the24
sootheesinger) the lilliths oft I feldt, and, when booboob brutals25
and cautiouses only aims at the oggog hogs in the humand, then,26
(Houtes, Blymey and Torrenation, upkurts and scotchem!) I'll27
tall tale tell croon paysecurers, sowill nuggets and nippers, that28
thash on me stumpen blows the gaff offmombition and thit thides29
or marse makes a good dayle to be shattat. Fall stuff.30
    His rote in ere, afstef, was. 31
    And dong wonged Magongty till the bombtomb of the warr, 32
thrusshed in his whole soort of cloose.33
    Whisht who wooed in Weald, bays of Bawshaw binding. The 34
desire of Miriam is the despair of Marian as Joh Joseph's beauty35
is Jacq Jacob's grief. Brow, tell nun; eye, feign sad; mouth, sing36