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time only) what we knew how when we (from that point solely)1
were you know where? There you are! And why? Why, hitch a2
cock eye, he was snapped on the sly upsadaisying coras pearls3
out of the pie when all the perts in princer street set up their4
tinker's humn, (the rann, the rann, that keen of old bards), with5
them newnesboys pearcin screaming off their armsworths. The6
boss made dovesandraves out of his bucknesst while herself7
wears the bowler's hat in her bath. Deductive Almayne Rogers8
disguides his voice, shetters behind hoax chestnote from exexive.9
Heat wives rasing. They jest keeps rosing. He jumps leaps rizing.10
    You known that tom? I certainly know. Is their bann boths- 12
tiesed? Saddenly now. Has they bane reneemed? Soothinly low.13
Does they ought to buy the papelboy when he footles up their14
suit? He's their mark to foil the flouter and they certainty15
    He sprit in his phiz (baccon!). He salt to their bis (pudden!). 17
He toockled her palam (so calam is solom!). And he suked their18
friends' leave (bonnick lass, fair weal!)19
          Guilty but fellows culpows! It was felt by me sindeade, that 20
submerged doughdoughty doubleface told waterside labourers.21
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whips, the wind ships, the wonderlost for world hips, unto their23
foursquare trust prayed in aid its plumptylump piteousness24
which, when it turtled around seeking a thud of surf, spake to25
approach from inherdoff trisspass through minxmingled hair.26
Though I may have hawked it, said, and selled my how hot peas27
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achance I could have emptied a pan of backslop down drain by29
whiles of dodging a rere from the middenprivet appurtenant30
thereof, salving the presents of the board of wumps and pumps,31
I am ever incalpable, where release of prisonals properly is con-32
cerned, of unlifting upfallen girls wherein dangered from them33
in thereopen out of unadulteratous bowery, with those hintering34
influences from an angelsexonism. It was merely my barely till35
their oh offs. Missaunderstaid. Meggy Guggy's giggag. The36