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leqwind play peeptomine up all our colombinations! Wins1
won is nought, twigs too is nil, tricks trees makes nix, fairs fears2
stoops at nothing. And till Arthur comes againus and sen pea-3
trick's he's reformed we'll pose him together a piece, a pace.4
Shares in guineases! There's lovely the sight! Surey me, man5
weepful! Big Seat, you did hear? And teach him twisters in6
tongue irish. Pat lad may goh too. Quicken, aspen;ash and yew;7
willow, broom with oak for you. And move your tellabout. Not8
nice is that, limpet lady! Spose we try it promissly. Love all.9
Naytellmeknot tennis! Taunt me treattening! But do now say to10
Mr Eustache! Ingean mingen has to hear. Whose joint is out of11
jealousy now? Why, heavilybody's evillyboldy's. Hopping Gra-12
cius, onthy ovful! O belessk mie, what a nerve! How a mans in13
his armor we nurses know. Wingwong welly, pitty pretty Nelly!14
Some Poddy pitted in, will anny petty pullet out? Call Kitty15
Kelly! Kissykitty Killykelly! What a nossowl buzzard! But what16
a neats ung gels!17
    Here all the leaves alift aloft, full o'liefing, fell alaughing over 18
Ombrellone and his parasollieras with their black thronguards19
from the County Shillelagh. Ignorant invincibles, innocents im-20
mutant! Onzel grootvatter Lodewijk is onangonamed before the21
bridge of primerose and his twy Isas Boldmans is met the bluey-22
bells near Dandeliond. We think its a gorsedd shame, these go-23
doms. A lark of limonladies! A lurk of orangetawneymen! You're24
backleg wounted, budkley mister, bester of the boyne!25
    And they leaved the most leavely of leaftimes and the most 26
folliagenous till there came the marrer of mirth and the jangthe-27
rapper of all jocolarinas and they were as were they never ere.28
Yet had they laughtered, one on other, undo the end and enjoyed29
their laughings merry was the times when so grant it High Hila-30
rion us may too!31
    Cease, prayce, storywalkering around with gestare romano- 32
verum he swinking about is they think and plan unrawil33
    Back to Droughty! The water of the face has flowed. 35
    The all of them, the sowriegueuxers, blottyeyed boys, in that 36