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it?) have (when I ope my shylight window and I see coocoo) a1
notion quiet involuptary of that I am cadging hapsnots as at2
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dugouts in the behindscenes of our earthwork (what rovining4
shudder! what deadly loom!) as this is, at no spatial time pro-5
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fact, at spite of I having belittled myself to my gay giftname of7
insectarian, happy burgages abeyance would make homesweets-8
town hopeygoalucrey, my mottu propprior, as I claim, cad's9
truck, I coined, I am highly pelaged and deeply gluttened to10
mind hindmost hearts to see by their loudest reports from my11
threespawn bottery parts (shsh!) that, colombophile and corvino-12
phobe alike, when I have remassed me, my travellingself, as from13
Magellanic clouds, after my contractual expenditures, through14
the perofficies of merelimb, I, my good grief, I am, I am big15
    He beached the bark of his tale; and set to husband and vine: 17
and the harpermaster told all the living conservancy, know18
Meschiameschianah, how that win a gain was in again. Flying19
the Perseoroyal. Withal aboarder, padar and madar, hal and sal,20
the sens of Ere with the duchtars of Iran. Amick amack amock in21
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Fenegans Wick, the Wildemanns. Washed up whight and de-23
liveried rhight. Loud lauds to his luckhump and bejetties on jo-24
nahs! And they winxed and wanxed like baillybeacons. Till we25
woksed up oldermen.26
    From whose plultibust preaggravated, by baskatchairch theo- 27
logies (there werenighn on thaurity herouns in that alraschil28
arthouducks draken), they were whoalike placed to say, in the29
matters off ducomans nonbar one, with bears' respects to him and30
bulls' acknowledgments (come on now, girls! lead off, O cara,31
whichever won of you wins! The two Gemuas and Jane Agrah32
and Judy Tombuys!) disassembling and taking him apart, the33
slammocks, with discrimination for his maypole and a rub in34
passing over his hump, drogueries inaddendance, frons, fesces35
and frithstool: 1) he hade to die it, the beetle, 2) he didhithim self,36