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iennes and our findest grobsmid among all their orefices, (and,1
shukar in chowdar, so splunderdly English!) Mr Aubeyron2
Birdslay. Chubgoodchob, arsoncheep and wellwillworth a triat!3
Bismillafoulties. But the hasard you asks is justly ever behind his4
meddle throw! Those sad pour sad forengistanters, dastychappy5
dustyrust! Chaichairs. It is that something, awe, aurorbean in that6
fellow, hamid and damid, (did he have but Hugh de Brassey's7
beardslie his wear mine of ancient guised) which comequeers this8
anywhat perssian which we, owe, realisinus with purups a dard9
of pene. There is among others pleasons whom I love and which10
are favourests to mind, one which I have pushed my finker in for11
the movement and, but for my sealring is none to hand I swear,12
she is highly catatheristic and there is another which I have13
fombly fongered freequuntly and, when my signet is on sign14
again I swear, she is deeply sangnificant. Culpo de Dido! Ars we15
say in the classies. Kunstful, we others said. What ravening shadow!16
What dovely line! Not the king of this age could richlier eyefeast17
in oreillental longuardness with alternate nightjoys of a thousand18
kinds but one kind. A shahrryar cobbler on me when I am lying!19
And whilst (when I doot my sliding panel and I hear cawcaw) I20
have been idylly turmbing over the loose looves leaflefts jaggled21
casuallty on the lamatory, as is my this is, as I must commit22
my lips to make misface for misfortune, often, so far as I can23
chance to recollect from the some farnights ago, (so dimsweet is24
that selvischdischdienence of to not to be able to be obliged to25
have to hold further anything than a stone his throw's fruit's26
fall!) when I, if you wil excuse for me this informal leading down27
of illexpressibles, enlivened toward the Author of Nature by the28
natural sins liggen gobelimned theirs before me, (how differen-29
ded with the manmade Eonochs Cunstuntonopolies!), weather-30
ed they be of a general golf stature, assasserted, or blossomly31
emblushing thems elves underneed of some howthern folleys,32
am entrenched up contemplating of myself, wiz my naked I, for33
relieving purposes in our trurally virvir vergitabale (garden) I34
sometimes, maybe, what has justly said of old Flannagan, a wake35
from this or huntsfurwards, with some shock (shell I so render36