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laddios). Yaa hoo how how, col? Whom battles joined no bottles1
sever! Worn't you aid a comp?2
    BUTT (in his difficoltous tresdobremient, he feels a bitvalike a 3
baddlefall of staot but falls a batforlake a borrlefull of bare). And4
me awlphul omegrims! Between me rassociations in the postlea-5
deny past and me disconnections with aplompervious futules6
I've a boodle full of maimeries in me buzzim and medears runs7
sloze, bleime, as I now with platoonic leave recoil in (how the8
thickens they come back to one to rust!) me misenary post for9
all them old boyars that's now boomaringing in waulholler, me10
alma marthyrs. I dring to them, bycorn spirits fuselaiding, and11
you cullies adjutant, even where its contentsed wody, with12
absents wehrmuth. Junglemen in agleement, I give thee our13
greatly swooren, Theoccupant that Rueandredful, the thrown-14
fullvner and all our royal devouts with the arrest of the whole15
inhibitance of Neuilands! One brief mouth. And a velligoolap-16
now! Meould attashees the currgans, (if they could get a kick at17
this time for all that's hapenced to us!) Cedric said Gormleyson18
and Danno O'Dunnochoo and Conno O'Cannochar it is this19
were their names for we were all under that manner barracksers20
on Kong Gores Wood together, thurkmen three, with those21
khakireinettes, our miladies in their toileries, the twum plum-22
yumnietcies, Vjeras Vjenaskayas, of old Djadja Uncken who23
was a great mark for jinking and junking, up the palposes of24
womth and wamth, we war, and the charme of their lyse brocade.25
For lispias harth a burm in eye but whem it bames fire norone26
screeneth. Hulp, hulp, huzzars! Raise ras tryracy! Freetime's27
free! Up Lancesters! Anathem!28
    TAFF (who still senses that heavinscent houroines that enter- 29
trained him who they were sinuorivals from the sunny Espionia but30
plied wopsy with his wallets in thatthack of the bustle Bakerloo,31
(11.32), passing the uninational truthbosh in smoothing irony over32
the multinotcheralled infructuosities of his grinner set). The rib,33
the rib, the quean of oldbyrdes, Sinya Sonyavitches! Your34
Rhoda Cockardes that are raday to embrace our ruddy inflamtry35
world! In their ohosililesvienne biribarbebeway. Till they've36