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    TAFF (though the unglucksarsoon is giming for to git him, jotning 1
in, hoghly ligious, hapagodlap, like a soldierry sap, with a pique at2
his cue and a tyr in his eye and a bond of his back and a croak in his3
cry as did jolly well harm lean o'er him) Is not athug who would.4
Weepon, weeponder, song of sorrowmon! Which goatheye5
and sheepskeer they damnty well know. Papaist! Gambanman!6
Take the cawraidd's blow! Yia! Your partridge's last!7
    BUTT (giving his scimmianised twinge in acknuckledownedgment 8
of this cumulikick, strafe from the firetrench, studenly drobs led, sa-9
toniseels ouchyotchy, he changecors induniforms as he is lefting the10
gat out of the big: his face glows green, his hair greys white, his11
bleyes bcome broon to suite his cultic twalette). But when I seeing12
him in his oneship fetch along within hail that tourrible tall13
with his nitshnykopfgoknob and attempting like a brandylogged14
rudeman cathargic, lugging up and laiding down his livepelts15
so cruschinly like Mebbuck at Messar and expousing his old16
skinful self tailtottom by manurevring in open ordure to renew-17
murature with the cowruads in their airish pleasantry I thanked18
he was recovering breadth from some herdsquatters beyond the19
carcasses and I couldn't erver nerver to tell a liard story not of I20
knew the prize if from lead or alimoney. But when I got inoccu-21
pation of a full new of his old basemiddelism, in ackshan, pagne22
pogne, by the veereyed lights of the stormtrooping clouds and23
in the sheenflare of the battleaxes of the heroim and mid the24
shieldfails awail of the bitteraccents of the sorafim and caught the25
pfierce tsmell of his aurals, orankastank, a suphead setrapped,26
like Peder the Greste, altipaltar, my bill it forsooks allegiance27
(gut bull it!) and, no lie is this, I was babbeing and yetaghain28
bubbering, bibbelboy, me marrues me shkewers me gnaas me29
fiet, tob tob tob beat it, solongopatom..Clummensy if ever mis-30
used, must used you's now! But, meac Coolp, Arram of Eirze-31
rum, as I love our Deer Dirouchy, I confesses withould pride-32
jealice when I looked upon the Saur of all the Haurousians with33
the weight of his arge fullin upon him from the travaillings of34
his tommuck and rueckenased the fates of a bosser there was fear35
on me the sons of Nuad for him and it was heavy he was for me36