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    Snip snap snoody. Noo err historyend goody. Of a lil trip1
trap and a big treeskooner for he put off the ketyl and they2
made three (for fie!) and if hec dont love alpy then lad you3
annoy me. For hanigen with hunigen still haunt ahunt to finnd4
their hinnigen where Pappappapparrassannuaragheallachnatull-5
ydoodled and anruly person creeked a jest. Gestapose to parry7
off cheekars or frankfurters on the odor. Fine again, Cuoholson!8
Peace, O wiley!9
    Such was the act of goth stepping the tolk of Doolin, drain 10
and plantage, wattle and daub, with you'll peel as I'll pale and11
we'll pull the boath toground togutter, testies touchwood and12
shenstone unto pop and puma, calf and condor, under all the13
gaauspices (incorporated), the chal and his chi, their roammerin14
over, gribgrobgrab reining trippetytrappety (so fore shalt thou15
flow, else thy cavern hair!) to whom she (anit likenand please-16
thee!). Till sealump becamedump to bumpslump a lifflebed,17
(altolà allamarsch! O gué O gué!) Kaemper Daemper to Jetty18
de Waarft, all the weight of that mons on his little ribbeunuch!19
Him that gronde old mand to be that haard of heaering (afore20
said) and her the petty tondur with the fix in her changeable eye21
(which see), Lord, me lad, he goes with blowbierd, leedy,22
plasheous stream. But before that his loudship was converted to23
a landshop there was a little theogamyjig incidence that hoppy-24
go-jumpy Junuary morn when he colluded with the cad out on25
the beg amudst the fiounaregal gaames of those oathmassed26
fenians for whome he's forcecaused a bridge of the piers, at27
Inverleffy, mating pontine of their engagement, synnbildising28
graters and things, eke ysendt? O nilly, not all, here's the fust29
cataraction! As if ever she cared an assuan damm about her30
harpoons sticking all out of him whet between phoenix his31
calipers and that psourdonome sheath. Sdrats ye, Gus Paudheen!32
Kenny's thought ye, Dinny Oozle! While the cit was leaking33
asphalt like a suburbiaurealis in his rure was tucking to him like34
old booths, booths, booths, booths.35
    Enterruption. Check or slowback. Dvershen. 36