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the Goat, that gafr, ate the Suenders bible. Hadn't we heaven's1
lamps to hide us? Yet every lane had its lively spark and every2
spark had its several spurtles and each spitfire spurtle had some3
trick of her trade, a tease for Ned, nook's nestle for Fred and4
a peep at me mow for Peer Pol. So that Father Matt Hughes5
looked taytotally threbled. But Danno the Dane grimmed. Dune.6
'Twere yeg will elsecare doatty lanv meet they dewscent hyemn7
to cannons' roar and rifles' peal vill shantey soloweys sang! For8
there were no more Tyrrhanees and for Laxembraghs was pass-9
thecupper to Our Lader's. And it was dim upon the floods only10
and there was day on all the ground.11
    Thus street spins legends while wharves woves tales but some 12
family fewd felt a nick in their name. Old Vickers sate down on13
their airs and straightened the points of their lace. Red Rowleys14
popped out of their lairs and asked what was wrong with the15
race. Mick na Murrough used dripping in layers to shave16
all the furze off his face. The Burke-Lees and Coyle-Finns17
paid full feines for their sinns when the Cap and Miss Coolie18
were roped.19
    Rolloraped. 20
    With her banbax hoist from holder, zig for zag through pool 21
and polder, cheap, cheap, cheap and Laughing Jack, all augurs22
scorenning, see the Bolche your pictures motion and Kitzy23
Kleinsuessmein eloping for that holm in Finn's Hotel Fiord,24
Nova Norening. Where they pulled down the kuddle and they25
made fray and if thee don't look homey, well, that Dook can eye26
    He goat a berth. And she cot a manege. And wohl's gorse 28
mundom ganna wedst.29
    Knock knock. War's where! Which war? The Twwinns. 30
Knock knock. Woos without! Without what? An apple. Knock31
    The kilder massed, one then and uhindred, (harefoot, birdy- 33
hands, herringabone, beesknees), and they barneydansked a34
kathareen round to know the who and to show the howsome.35
Why was you hiding, moder of moders? And where was hunty,36