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of Yinko Jinko Randy, come Bastabasco and hippychip eggs, she1
will make a suomease pair and singlette, jodhpur smalls and tailor-2
less, a copener's cribful, leaf, bud and berry, the divlin's own little3
mimmykin puss, (hip, hip, horatia!) for my old comrhade salty-4
mar here, Briganteen       General Sir A. I. Magnus, the flapper-5
nooser, master of the good lifebark Ulivengrene of Onslought, 6
and the homespund of her hearth, (Fuss his farther was the norse7
norse east and Muss his mother was a gluepot) and, gravydock or8
groovy anker, and a hulldread pursunk manowhood, who (with9
a chenchen for his delight time and a bonzeye nappin through his10
doze) he is the bettest bluffy blondblubber of an olewidgeon what11
overspat a skettle in a skib.12
    Cawcaught. Coocaged. 13
    And Dub did glow that night. In Fingal of victories. Cann- 14
matha and Cathlin sang together. And the three shouters of15
glory. Yelling halfviewed their harps. Surly Tuhal smiled upon16
drear Darthoola: and Roscranna's bolgaboyo begirlified the17
daughter of Cormac. The soul of everyelsesbody rolled into its18
olesoleself. A doublemonth's licence, lease on mirth, while hooney-19
moon and her flame went huneysuckling. Holyryssia, what boom20
of bells! What battle of bragues on Sandgate where met the bobby21
mobbed his bibby mabbing through the ryce. Even Tombs left22
doss and dunnage down in Demidoff's tomb and drew on the23
dournailed clogs that Morty Manning left him and legged in by24
Ghoststown Gate, like Pompei up to date, with a sprig of White-25
boys heather on his late Luke Elcock's heirloom. And some say26
they seen old dummydeaf with a leaf of bronze on his cloak27
so grey, trooping his colour a pace to the reire. And as owfally28
posh with his halfcrown jool as if he was the Granjook Meckl or29
Paster de Grace on the Route de l'Epèe. It was joobileejeu that30
All Sorts' Jour. Freestouters and publicranks, hafts on glaives.31
You could hear them swearing threaties on the Cymylaya32
Mountains, man. And giving it out to the Ould Fathach and louth-33
mouthing after the Healy Mealy with an enfysis to bring down34
the rain of Tarar. Nevertoletta! Evertomind! The grandest35
bethehailey seen or heard on earth's conspectrum since Scape36