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there's no pure rube like an ool pool roober when your pullar1
beer turns out Bruin O'Luinn and beat his barge into a battering2
pram with her wattling way for cubblin and, be me fairy fay, sayd3
he, the marriage mixter, to Kersse, Son of Joe Ashe, her coax-4
fonder, wiry eyes and winky hair, timkin abeat your Andraws5
Meltons and his lovsang of the short and shifty, I will turn my6
thinks to things alove and I will speak but threes ones, sayd he,7
my truest patrions good founter, poles a port and zones asunder,8
tie up in hates and repeat at luxure, you can better your tooblue9
prodestind arson, tyler bach, after roundsabouts and donochs and10
the volumed smoke, though the clonk in his stumble strikes warn,11
and were he laid out on that counter there like a Slavocrates12
amongst his skippies, when it comes to the ride onerable, sayd he,13
that's to make plain Nanny Ni Sheeres a full Dinamarqueza, and14
all needed for the lay, from the hursey on the montey with the15
room in herberge down to forkpiece and bucklecatch, (Elding,16
my elding! and Lif, my lif!) in the pravacy of the pirmanocturne,17
hap, sayd he, at that meet hour of night, and hop, sayd he, and the18
fyrsty annas everso thried (whiles the breath of Huppy Hulles-19
pond swumped in his seachest for to renumber all the mallyme-20
dears' long roll and call of sweetheart emmas that every had a21
port in from Coxenhagen till the brottels on the Nile), while22
taylight is yet slipping under their pillow, (ill omens on Kitty23
Cole if she's spilling laddy's measure!) and before Sing Mattins in24
the Fields, ringsengd ringsengd, bings Heri the Concorant Erho,25
and the Referinn Fuchs Gutmann gives us I'll Bell the Welled or26
The Steeplepoy's Revanger and all Thingavalley knows for its27
never dawn in the dark but the deed comes to life, and raptist bride28
is aptist breed (tha lassy! tha lassy!), and, to buoy the hoop29
within us springing, 'tis no timbertar she'll have then in her arms-30
brace to doll the dallydandle, our fiery quean, upon the night of31
the things of the night of the making to stand up the double32
tet of the oversear of the seize who cometh from the mighty33
deep and on the night of making Horuse to crihumph over his34
enemy, be the help of me cope as so pluse the riches of the roed-35
shields, with Elizabeliza blessing the bedpain, at the willbedone36