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or be the hooley tabell, as Horrocks Toler hath most cares to call1
it, I'll rehearse your comeundermends and first mardhyr you en-2
tirely. As puck as that Paddeus picked the pun and left the lollies3
off the foiled. A Trinity judge will crux your boom. Pat is the4
man for thy. Ay ay! And he pured him beheild of the ouishguss,5
mingling a sign of the cruisk. I popetithes thee, Ocean, sayd he,6
Oscarvaughther, sayd he, Erievikkingr, sayd he, intra trifum7
triforium trifoliorum, sayd he, onconditionally, forfor furst of giel-8
gaulgalls and hero chief explunderer of the clansakiltic, sayd he,9
the streameress mastress to the sea aase cuddycoalman's and let10
this douche for you as a wholly apuzzler's and for all the puk-11
kaleens to the wakes of you, sayd he, out of the hellsinky of the12
howtheners and be danned to ye, sayd he, into our roomyo con-13
nellic relation, sayd he, from which our this pledge is given, Tera14
truly ternatrine if not son towards thousand like expect chrisan15
athems to which I osker your godhsbattaring, saelir, for as you16
gott kvold whereafter a gooden diggin and with gooder enscure17
from osion buck fared agen fairioes feuded hailsohame til Edar18
in that the loyd mave hercy on your sael! Anomyn and awer.19
          Nansense, you snorsted? he was haltid considerable agenst 21
all religions overtrow so hworefore the thokkurs pokker the big-22
bug miklamanded storstore exploder would he be whulesalesolde23
daadooped by Priest Gudfodren of the sacredhaunt suit in24
Diaeblen-Balkley at Domnkirk Saint Petricksburg? But ear this:25
          And here, aaherra, my rere admirable peadar poulsen, sayd 26
he, consistently, to the secondnamed sutor, my lately lamented27
sponsorship, comesend round that wine and lift your horn, sayd28
he, to show you're a skolar for, winter you likes or not, we29
brought your summer with us and, tomkin about your lief eurek-30
ason and his undishcovery of americle, be the rolling forties, he31
sayd, and on my sopper crappidamn, as Harris himself says, to let32
you in on some crismion dottrin, here is the ninethest pork of a man33
whisk swimmies in Dybblin water from Ballscodden easthmost34
till Thyrston's Lickslip and, sayd he, (whiles the heart of Lukky35
Swayn slaughed in his icebox for to think of all the soorts of36