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tials. Burial of Lifetenant-Groevener Hatchett, R.I.D. Devine's1
    Ls. De. 3
    Art thou gainous sense uncompetite! Limited. Anna Lynchya 4
Pourable! One and eleven. United We Stand, even many offered.5
Don't forget. I wish auspicable thievesdayte for the stork dyrby.6
It will be a thousand's a won paddies. And soon to bet. On drums7
of bliss. With hapsalap troth, hipsalewd prudity, hopesalot hon-8
nessy, hoopsaloop luck. After when from midnights unwards the9
fourposter harp quartetto. (Kiskiviikko, Kalastus. Torstaj, tanssia.10
Perjantaj, peleja. Lavantaj ja Sunnuntaj, christianismus kirjallisuus,11
kirjallisuus christianismus.) Whilesd this pellover his finnisch.12
          Comither, ahorace, thou mighty man of valour, elderman 13
adaptive of Capel Ysnod, and tsay-fong tsei-foun a laun bricks-14
number till I've fined you a faulter-in-law, to become your son-15
to-be, gentlemens tealer, generalman seelord, gosse and bosse,16
hunguest and horasa, jonjemsums both, in sailsmanship, szed the17
head marines talebearer, then sayd the ships gospfather in the scat18
story to the husband's capture and either you does or he musts19
and this moment same, sayd he, so let laid pacts be being betving20
ye, he sayd, by my main makeshift, he sayd, one fisk and one flesk,21
as flat as, Aestmand Addmundson you, you're iron slides and so22
hompety domp as Paddley Mac Namara here he's a hardy canooter,23
for the two breasts of Banba are her soilers and her toilers, if thou24
wilt serve Idyall as thou hast sayld. Brothers Boathes, brothers25
Coathes, ye have swallen blooders' oathes. And Gophar sayd unto26
Glideon and sayd he to the nowedding captain, the rude hunner-27
able Humphrey, who was praying god of clothildies by the seven28
bosses of his trunktarge he would save bucklesome when she29
wooed belove on him, comeether, sayd he, my merrytime mare-30
lupe, you wutan whaal, sayd he, into the shipfolds of our quad-31
rupede island, bless madhugh, mardyk, luusk and cong! Blass32
Neddos bray! And no more of your maimed acts after this with33
your kowtoros and criados to every tome, thick and heavy, and34
our onliness of his revelance to your ultitude. The illfollowable35
staying in wait for you with the winning word put into his mouth36