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on the bummell, the bugganeering wanderducken, he sazd, (that1
his pumps may ship awhoyle shandymound of the dussard), the2
coarsehair highsaydighsayman, there's nice tugs he looks, (how3
you was, Ship Alouset?) he sazd, the bloedaxe bloodooth baltxe-4
bec, that is crupping into our raw lenguage navel through the5
lumbsmall of his hawsehole, he sazd, donconfounder him, voyag-6
ing after maidens, belly jonah hunting the polly joans, and the7
hurss of all portnoysers befaddle him, he sazd, till I split in his flags,8
he sazd, one to one, the landslewder, after Donnerbruch fire.9
Reefer was a wenchman. One can smell off his wetsments how he10
is coming from a beach of promisck. Where is that old muttiny,11
shall I ask? Free kicks he will have from me, turncoats, in Bar12
Bartley if I wars a fewd years ago. Meistr Capteen Gaascooker, a13
salestrimmer! As he was soampling me ledder, like pulp, and as14
I was trailing his fumbelums, like hulp, he'll fell the fall of me15
faus, he sazd, like yulp! The goragorridgorballyed pushkalsson,16
he sazd, with his bellows pockets fulled of potchtatos and his fox17
in a stomach, a disagrees to his ramskew coddlelecherskithers'18
zirkuvs, drop down dead and deaf, and there is never a teilwrmans19
in the feof fife of Iseland or in the wholeabelongd of Skunkinabory20
from Drumadunderry till the rumnants of Mecckrass, could milk21
a colt in thrushes foran furrow follower width that a hole in his22
tale and that hell of a hull of a hill of a camelump bakk. Fadgest-23
    Upon this dry call of selenium cell (that horn of lunghalloon, 25
Riland's in peril!) with its doomed crack of the old damn ukonnen26
power insound in it the lord of the saloom, as if for a flash sala-27
magunnded himself, listed his tummelumpsk pack and hearinat28
presently returned him, ambilaterally alleyeoneyesed, from their29
uppletoned layir to his beforetime guests, that bunch of palers on30
their round, timemarching and petrolling how, who if they were31
abound to loose a laugh (Toni Lampi, you booraascal!) they were32
abooned to let it as the leashed they might do when they felt (O,33
the wolf he's on the walk, sees his sham cram bokk!) their joke34
was coming home to them, the steerage way for stabling, ghus-35
torily spoeking, gen and gang, dane and dare, like the dud spuk36