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roast perus,) or a stinger, he sagd, t. d., on a doroughbread ken-1
nedy's for Patriki San Saki on svo fro or my old relogion's out2
of tiempor and when I'm soured to the tipple you can sink me3
lead, he sagd, and, if I get can, sagd he, a pusspull of tomtar-4
tarum. Thirst because homing hand give. Allkey dallkey, sayd5
the shop's housebound, for he was as deep as the north star (and6
could tolk sealer's solder into tankar's tolder) as might have sayd7
every man to his beast, and a treat for the trading scow, my cater8
million falls to you and crop feed a stall! Afram. And he got and9
gave the ekspedient for Hombreyhambrey wilcomer what's the10
good word. He made the sign on the feaster. Cloth be laid! And11
a disk of osturs for the swanker! Allahballah! He was the care-12
lessest man I ever see but he sure had the most sand. One fish-13
ball with fixings! For a dan of a ven of a fin of a son of a gun of14
a gombolier. Ekspedient, sayd he, sonnur mine, Shackleton Sul-15
ten! Opvarts and at ham, or this ogry Osler will oxmaul us all,16
sayd he, like one familiar to the house, while Waldemar was17
heeling it and Maldemaer was toeing it, soe syg he was walking18
from the bowl at his food and the meer crank he was waiting for19
the tow of his turn. Till they plied him behaste on the fare. Say20
          Nohow did he kersse or hoot alike the suit and solder skins, 22
minded first breachesmaker with considerable way on and23
          Humpsea dumpsea, the munchantman, secondsnipped cutter 24
the curter.25
          A ninth for a ninth. Take my worth from it. And no mistaenk, 26
they thricetold the taler and they knew the whyed for too. The27
because of his sosuch. Uglymand fit himshemp but throats fill us28
all! And three's here's for repeat of the unium! Place the scaurs29
wore on your groot big bailey bill, he apullajibed, the O'Colonel30
Power, latterly distented from the O'Conner Dan, so promonitory31
himself that he was obliffious of the headth of hosth that rosed32
before him, from Sheeroskouro, under its zembliance of mardal33
mansk, like a dun darting dullemitter, with his moultain haares34
stuck in plostures upon it, (do you kend yon peak with its coast so35
green?) still trystfully acape for her his gragh knew well in pre-36