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staff, scarf and blessed wallet and our aureoles 1
round our neckkandcropfs where as and when 2
Heavysciusgardaddy, parent who offers sweet- 3
Abnegation is meats, will gift uns his Noblett's surprize. 4
Adaptation. With this laudable purpose in loud ability let 5
us be singulfied. Betwixt me and thee hung 6
cong. Item, mizpah ends. 7
    But while the dial are they doodling dawd- ENTER THE 8
ling over the mugs and the grubs? Oikey, COP AND 9
Impostolopulos? 1 Steady steady steady steady HOW. 10
steady studiavimus. Many many many many SECURES 11
many manducabimus. 2 We've had our day at triv GUBERNANT 12
and quad and writ our bit as intermidgets. Art, URBIS 13
literature, politics, economy, chemistry, human- TERROREM. 14
Cato. ity, &c. Duty, the daughter of discipline, the 16
Nero. Great Fire at the South City Markets, Belief in 17
Saul. Aristotle. Giants and the Banshee, A Place for Every- 18
Julius Caesar. thing and Everything in its Place, Is the Pen 19
Pericles. Mightier than the Sword? A Successful Career 20
Ovid. in the Civil Service, 3 The Voice of Nature in 21
Adam, Eve. the Forest, 4 Your Favorite Hero or Heroine, 22
Domitian. Edipus. On the Benefits of Recreation, 5 If Standing 23
Socrates. Stones Could Speak, Devotion to the Feast of 24
Ajax. the Indulgence of Portiuncula, The Dublin 25
Metropolitan Police Sports at Ballsbridge, De- 26
Homer. scribe in Homely Anglian Monosyllables the 27
MarcusAurelius. Wreck of the Hesperus, 6 What Morals, if any, 28
can be drawn from Diarmuid and Grania? 7 Do 29
Alcibiades. you Approve of our Existing Parliamentary 30
Lucretius. System? The Uses and Abuses of Insects, A 31
          1 The divvy wants that babbling brook. Dear Auntie Emma Emma Eates.
          2 Strike the day off, the nightcap's on nigh. Goney, goney gone!
          3 R.C., disengaged, good character, would help, no salary.
          4 Where Lily is a Lady found the nettle rash.
          5 Bubabipibambuli, I can do as I like with what's me own. Nyamnyam.
          6 Able seaman's caution.
          7 Rarely equal and distinct in all things.