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  wan's won! Rip! 1 And his countinghands     1
  rose.     2
      Formalisa. Loves deathhow simple! WITH EBONISER.   3
      Slutningsbane. 2 IN PIX.   4
Service super-     Thanks eversore much, Pointcarried ! I can't EUCHRE   5
seding self. say if it's the weight you strike me to the RISK, MERCI   6
  quick or that red mass I was looking at but at BUCKUP, AND   7
  the present momentum, potential as I am, I'm MIND WHO   8
  seeing rayingbogeys rings round me. Honours YOU'RE   9
  to you and may you be commended for our PUCKING,  10
  exhibitiveness! I'd love to take you for a FLEBBY.  11
  bugaboo ride and play funfer all if you'd only    12
  sit and be the ballasted bottle in the porker    13
  barrel. You will deserve a rolypoly as long    14
  as from here to tomorrow. And to hell with    15
  them driftbombs and bottom trailers! If my    16
  maily was bag enough I'd send you a toxis.    17
  By Saxon Chromaticus, you done that lovely    18
  for me! Didn't he now, Nubilina? Tiny Mite,    19
  she studiert whas? With her listeningin coif-    20
  fure, her dream of Endsland's daylast and the    21
  glorifires of being presainted maid to majesty. 3    22
  And less is the pity for she isn't the lollypops    23
  she easily might be if she had for a sample    24
  Virginia's air of achievement. That might    25
  Catastrophe and keep her from throwing delph. 4 As I was saying,    26
  Anabasis. while retorting thanks, you make me a reborn    27
  The rotary pro- of the cards. We're offals boys ambows. 5    28
  cessus and its For I've flicked up all the crambs as they    29
  reestablishment crumbed from your table um, singing glory    30
  of reciprocities. allaloserem, cog it out, here goes a sum. So    31
          1 A byebye bingbang boys! See you Nutcracker Sunday!
          2 Chinchin Childaman! Chapchopchap!
          3 Wipe your glosses with what you know.
          4 If I'd more in the cups that peeves thee you could cracksmith your rows
          5 Alls Sings and Alls Howls.