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    polypools. And this, pardonsky! is the way   ACCORDING   1
    Romeopullupalleaps. 1 Pose the pen, man,   TO COCKER.   2
    way me does. Way ole missa vellatooth fust     3
    show me how. Fourth power to her illpogue !     4
  Force Centres of   Bould strokes for your life ! Tip ! This is Steal,     5
  the Fire Serpen-   this is Barke, this is Starn, this is Swhipt, this is     6
  tine: heart,   Wiles, this is Pshaw, this is Doubbllinnbbay-     7
  throat, navel,   yates. 2 This is brave Danny weeping his spache     8
  spleen, sacral,   for the popers. This is cool Connolly wiping     9
  fontanella, inter-   his hearth with brave Danny. And this, regard !    10
  temporal eye.   how Chawleses Skewered parparaparnelligoes    11
  Conception of the   between brave Danny boy and the Connolly.    12
  Compromise and   Upanishadem! Top. Spoken hath L'arty Ma-    13
  Finding of a   gory. Eregobragh. Prouf! 3    14
  Formula.     And Kev was wreathed with his pother.   TROTHBLOWERS.  15
      But, (that Jacoby feeling again. for fore-   FIG AND  16
    bitten fruit and, my Georgeous, Kevvy too he   THISTLE  17
    just loves his puppadums, I judge !) after all his   PLOT A PIG  18
    autocratic writings of paraboles of famellicurbs   AND WHISTLE.  19
    and meddlied muddlingisms, thee faroots hof    20
  Ideal Present   cullchaw end ate citrawn woodint wun able    21
  Alone Produces   rep of the triperforator awlrite blast through    22
  Real Future.   his pergaman hit him where he lived and do for    23
    the blessted selfchuruls, what I think, smarter    24
    like it done for a manny another unpious of    25
    the hairydary quare quandary firstings till at    26
    length, you one bladdy bragger, by mercy-    27
    stroke he measured his earth anyway? could    28
    not but recken in his adder's badder cadder    29
    way our frankson who, to be plain, he fight    30
    him all time twofeller longa kill dead finish    31
    bloody face blong you, was misocain. Wince    32
        1 He, angel that I thought him, and he not aebel to speel eelyotripes., Mr
    Tellibly Divilcult!
        2 When the dander rattles how the peacocks prance!
        3 The Brownes de Browne - Browne of Castlehacknolan.