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homolocous humminbass hesterdie and ist- 1
herdie forivor. 1 Vanissas Vanistatums! And 2
The Vegetable for a night of thoughtsendyures and a day. As 3
Cell and its Pri- Great Shapesphere puns it. In effect, I re- 4
vate Properties. mumble, from the yules gone by, purr lil mur- 5
rerof myhind, so she used indeed. When she 6
give me the Sundaclouths she hung up for 7
Tate and Comyng and snuffed out the ghost 8
in the candle at his old game of haunt the 9
sleepper. Faithful departed. When I'm dream- 10
ing back like that I begins to see we're only 11
all telescopes. Or the comeallyoum saunds. 12
Like when I dromed I was in Dairy and was 13
wuckened up with thump in thudderdown. 14
Rest in peace ! But to return. 2 What a wonder- 15
ful memory you have too ! Twonderful 16
morrowy! Straorbinaire! Bene! I bring town 17
eau and curry nothung up my sleeve. Now, 18
springing quickenly from the mudland Loosh 19
from Luccan with Allhim as her Elder tetra- 20
turn a somersault. All's fair on all fours, as 21
my instructor unstrict me. Watch ! And you'll 22
have the whole inkle. Allow, allow! Gyre O, 23
gyre O, gyrotundo ! Hop lala ! As umpty 24
herum as you seat! O, dear me, that was very 25
nesse! Very nace indeed! And makes us a 26
The haves and daintical pair of accomplasses! You, allus for 27
the havenots: a the kunst and me for omething with a handel 28
distinction. to it. Beve! Now, as will pressantly be felt, 29
there's tew tricklesome poinds where our 30
twain of doubling bicirculars, mating approxe- 31
metely in their suite poi and poi, dunloop 32
into eath the ocher. Lucihere ! I fee where you 31
            1 Sewing up the beillybursts in their buckskin shiorts for big Kapitayn
    Killykook and the Jukes of Kelleiney.
            2 Say where! A timbrelfill of twinkletinkle.