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  One and Only, Unic bar None, of Saint Yves by Landsend corn-   1
wer, man         ship me silver!, it must have been, faw! a terrible   2
mavrue mavone, to synamite up the old Adam-he-used-to, such a   3
finalley, and that's flat as Tut's fut, for whowghowho? the poour   4
  girl, a lonely peggy, given the bird, so inseuladed as Crampton's  5
peartree, (she sall eurn bitter bed by thirt sweet of her face !), and  
short wonder so many of the tomthick and tarry members in all  
there subsequious ages of our timocracy tipped to console with her  8
at her mirrorable gracewindow'd hut 1 till the ives of Man, the  
O'Kneels and the O'Prayins and the O'Hyens of Lochlaunstown   10
  and the O'Hollerins of Staneybatter, hollyboys, all, burryripe 11
who'll buy?, 2 in juwelietry and kickychoses and madornaments 12
and that's not the finis of it (would it were!)         but to think of him 13
foundling a nelliza the second, 3 also cliptbuss (the best was still 14
there if the torso was gone) where he did and when he did, re- 15 
triever to the last 4         escapes my forgetness now was it dust- 16 
covered, nom de Lieu! on lapse or street ondown, through, for or 17 
from a foe, by with as on a friend, at the Rectory? Vicarage Road? 18 
Bishop's Folly? Papesthorpe?, after picket fences, stonewalls, out 19 
and ins or oxers         for merry a valsehood whisprit he to manny a 20 
lilying earling; 5 and to try to analyse that ambo's pair of brace- 21 
leans akwart the rollyon trying to amarm all 6 of that miching 22 
micher's bearded but insensible virility and its gaulish mous- 23 
taches, Dammad and Groany, into her limited (tuff, tuff, que tu es 24 
pitre!) lapse at the same slapse for towelling ends 7 in their dolight- 25
ful Sexsex home, Somehow-at-Sea (O little oily head, sloper's 26
brow and prickled ears !) as though he, a notoriety, a foist edition, 27
were a wrigular writher neonovene babe! 8         well, diarmuee and 28
        1 O hce! O hce
        2 Six and seven the League.
        3 It's all round me hat I'll wear a drooping dido. 
        4 Have you ever thought of a hitching your stern and being ourdeaned, 
    Mester Bootenfly, here's me and Myrtle is twinkling to know. 
        5 To show they caught preferment. 
        6 See the freeman's cuticatura by Fennella.
        7 Just one big booty's pot. 
        8 Charles de Simples had an infirmierity complexe before he died a natural