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Foughty Unn, Enoch Thortig, endso one, like                      1
to pitch of your cap, pac, on to tin tall spilli-  2
Non plus ulstra, cans. 1 To sum, borus pew notus pew eurus  3
Elba, nec, cashel- pew zipher. Ace, deuce, tricks, quarts, quims.  4
bum tuum. Mumtiplay of course and carry to their whole  5
number. While on the other hand, traduced  6
by their comedy nominator to the loaferst  7
terms for their aloquent parts, sexes, suppers,  8
oglers, novels and dice. 2 He could find (the  9
rakehelly!) by practice the valuse of thine-to- 10
mine articles with no reminder for an equality 11
of relations and, with the helpings from his 12
tables, improduce fullmin to trumblers, links 13
unto chains, weys in Nuffolk till tods of 14
Yorek, oozies ad libs and several townsends, 15
several hundreds, civil-to-civil imperious 16
gallants into gells (Irish), bringing alliving 17
stone allaughing down to grave clothnails and 18
Dondderwedder a league of archers, fools and lurchers under 19
Kyboshicksal the rude rule of fumb. What signifieth whole 20
that 3 but, be all the prowess of ten, 'tis as 21
strange to relate he, nonparile to rede, rite and 22
reckan, caught allmeals dullmarks for his 23
nucleuds and alegobrew. They wouldn't took 24
bearings no how anywheres. O them dodd- 25
hunters and allanights, aabs and baas for 26
agnomes, yees and zees for incognits, bate 27
him up jerrybly! Worse nor herman doror- 28
rhea. Give you the fantods, seemed to him. 29
They ought to told you every last word first 30
stead of trying every which way to kinder 31
smear it out poison long. Show that the 32
            1 Twelve buttles man, twentyeight bows of curls, forty bonnets woman
      and every youthfully yours makes alleven add the hundred.
            2 Gamester Damester in the road to Rouen, he grows more like his deed
      every die.
            3 Slash-the-Pill lifts the pellet. Run, Phoenix, run!