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    With sobs for his job, with tears ANTI THESIS OF AMBI- 1
Tricks stunts. for his toil, with horror for his squalor DUAL ANTICIPATION. 2
but with pep for his perdition,1 lo, the THE MIND FACTORY, 3
boor plieth as the laird hireth him. ITS GIVE AND TAKE. 4
    Boon on begyndelse. AUSPICIUM. 5
    At maturing daily gloryaims! 2 AUGURIA. 6
    A flink dab for a freck dive and a stern poise DIVINITY 7
for a swift pounce was frankily at the manual NOT DEITY 8
arith sure enough which was the bekase he THE UNCER- 9
knowed from his cradle, no bird better, why TAINTY JUS- 10
his fingures were giving him whatfor to fife TIFIED BY 11
Truckeys' cant with. First, by observation, there came boko OUR CERTI- 12
for dactyl and and nigh him wigworms and nigh him tittlies TUDE. 13
spondee. and nigh him cheekadeekchimple and nigh EXAMPLES. 14
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pomposity. eminent curdinal Kay O'Kay. Always would 23
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rota, in his Fanden's catachysm from fursed to 25
laced, quickmarch to decemvers, so as to pin the 26
tenners, thumbs down. And anon an aldays, 27
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om lumerous ways, caiuscounting in the 29
scale of pin puff pive piff, piff puff pive poo, 30
poo puff pive pree, pree puff pive pfoor, pfoor 31
puff pive pippive, poopive, 4 Niall Dhu, 32
            1 While I'll wind the wildwoods' bluckbells among my window's weeds.
            2 Lawdy Dawdy Simpers.
            3 But where, O where, is me lickle dig done?
            4 That's his whisper waltz I like from Pigott's with that Lancydancy step.