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leap smiles on the twelvemonthsminding? 8
Such is. Dear (name of desired subject, A.N.), 9
well, and I go on to. Shlicksher. I and we 10
(tender condolences for happy funeral, one 11
if) so sorry to (mention person suppressed for 12
A shieling in cop- the moment, F.M.). Well (enquiries after all- 13
pingers and por- healths) how are you (question maggy). A 14
rish soup all days. lovely (introduce to domestic circles) pershan 15
of cates. Shrubsher. Those pothooks mostly 16
How matches she hawks from Poppa Vere Foster but these 17
metroosers? curly mequeues are of Mippa's moulding. 18
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ing ptover.) Well, mabby (consolation of 20
shopes) to soon air. With best from cinder 21
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desires Soldi, for asamples, backfronted or, 23
if all, peethrolio or Get my Prize, using her 24
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de marche. kissists my exits. Shlicksheruthr. From Auburn 27
chenlemagne. Pious and pure fair one, all has 28
concomitated to this that she shall tread them 29
lifetrees leaves whose silence hitherto has 30
shone as sphere of silver fastalbarnstone, that 31
fount Bandusian shall play liquick music and 32
after odours sigh of musk. Blotsbloshblothe, 33
one dear that was. Sleep in the water, drug at 34
the fire, shake the dust off and dream your one 35
who would give her sidecurls to. Till later                                         36