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ing. Hoots fromm, we're globing. Why hidest  1
thou hinder thy husband his name? Leda, Lada,  2
aflutter-afraida, so does your girdle grow!  3
Willed without witting, whorled without  4
aimed. Pappapassos, Mammamanet, warwhets-  5
wut and whowitswhy. 1 But it's tails for  6
toughs and titties for totties and come  7
Pige pas. buckets come-bats till deeleet. 2  8
    Dark ages clasp the daisy roots, Stop, if you PANOPTICAL  9
are a sally of the allies, hot off Minnowaurs PURVIEW OF 10
and naval actiums, picked engagements and POLITICAL 11
banks of rowers. Please stop if you're a PROGRESS 12
B.C. minding missy, please do. But should AND THE 13
you prefer A.D. stepplease. And if you miss FUTURE PRE- 14
with a venture it serves you girly well glad. SENTATION 15
But, holy Janus, I was forgetting the Blitzen- OF THE PAST. 16
kopfs! Here, Hengegst and Horsesauce, take 17
your heads 3 out of that taletub! And leave 18
your hinnyhennyhindyou! It's haunted. The 19
chamber. Of errings. Whoan, tug, trace, 20
Seidlitz powther stirrup! It is distinctly understouttered that, 21
for slogan sense you threehandshighs put your twofoot- 22
plumpers. large timepates in that dead wash of Lough 23
Murph and until such time pace one and the 24
same Messherrn the grinning statesmen, Brock 25
and Leon, have shunted the grumbling 26
coundedtouts, Starlin and Ser Artur Ghinis. 27
Foamous homely brew, bebattled by bottle, 28
Hoploits and gageure de guegerre. 4 Bull igien bear and 29
atthems. then bearagain bulligan. Gringrin gringrin. 20
Staffs varsus herds and bucks vursus barks. 31
            1 What's that ma'am? says I.
            2 As you say yourself.
            3 That's the lethemuse but it washes off.
            4 Where he fought the shessock of his stimmstammer and we caught the
            pepettes of our lovelives.