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Monastir, The O'Connor, The Mac Loughlin and The COUNSEL 1
Leninstar and Mac Namara with summed their appondage, AND CON- 2
Connecticut. da, da, of Sire Jeallyous Seizer, that gamely STANCY. 3
Cliopatria, thy torskmester,1 with his duo of druidesses in ready ORDINATION 4
hosies history. money rompers2 and the tryonforit of Oxthie- OF OMEN, 5
vious, Lapidous and Malthouse Anthemy. You ONUS AND 6
may fail to see the lie of that layout, Suetonia,3 OBIT. DIS- 7
but the reflections which recur to me are that TRIBUTION 8
so long as beauty life is body love4 and so bright OF DANGER, 9
as Mutua of your mirror holds her candle to DUTY AND 10
your caudle, lone lefthand likeless, sombring DESTINY. 11
Autum of your Spring, reck you not one spirt 12
of anyseed whether trigemelimen cuddle his POLAR PRIN- 13
coddle or nope. She'll confess it by her figure CIPLES. 14
and she'll deny it to your face. If you're not 15
ruined by that one she won't do you any 16
whim. And then? What afters it? Gruff Gunne 17
may blow, Gam Gonna flow, the gossans eye 18
the jennings aye. From the butts of Heber and 19
The Eroico Heremon, nolens volens, brood our pansies, 20
Furioso makes brune in brume. There's a split in the infinitive 21
the valet like from to have to have been to will be. As they 22
smiling. warred in their big innings ease now we never 23
shall know. Eat early earthapples. Coax Cobra 24
to chatters. Hail, Heva, we hear! This is the 25
The hyperape the glider that gladdened the girl5 that list to the 26
mink he groves the wind that lifted the leaves that folded the 27
mole you see nowfor fruit that hung on the tree that grew in the 28
crushsake, chawley! garden Gough gave. Wide hiss, we're wizen- 29
           1 All his teeths back to the front, then the moon and then the moon with
    a hole behind it.
            2 Skip one, flop fore, jennies in the cabbage store.
            3 None of your cumpohlstery English here!
            4 Understudy my understandings, Sostituda, and meek thine compline-
    ment, gymnufleshed.
            5 Tho' I have one just like that to home, deadleaf brown with quicksilver
    appliques, would whollymost applissiate a nice shiny sleekysilk out of that
    slippering snake charmeuse.