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drugged,1 lead us seek, lote us see, light us find, 1
let us missnot Maidadate, Mimosa Multimim- 2
etica, the maymeaminning of maimoomeining! 3
Elpis, thou fountain of the greeces, all shall speer 4
theeward,2 from kongen in his canteenhus to 5
knivers hind the knoll. Ausonius Audacior 6
and gael, gillie, gall.3 Singalingalying. Storiella 7
as she is syung. Whence followeup with end- 8
There was a speaking nots for yestures, plutonically pur- 9
sweet hopeful suant on briefest glimpse from gladrags, pretty 10
called Cis. Proserpronette whose slit satchel spilleth peas. 11
    Belisha beacon, beckon bright! Usherette, URGES AND 12
unmesh us! That grene ray of earong it waves WIDERURGES 13
us to yonder as the red, blue and yellow flogs IN A PRIMI- 14
time on the domisole,4 with a blewy blow and TIVE SEPT. 15
a windigo. Where flash becomes word and 16
silents selfloud. To brace congeners, trebly 17
bounden and asservaged twainly. Adamman,5 18
Emhe, Issossianusheen and sometypes Yggely 19
ogs Weib. Uwayoei! 6 So mag this sybilette be 20
our shibboleth that we may syllable her well! 21
Vetus may be occluded behind the mou in 22
The Big Bear Veto but Nova will be nearing as their radient 23
bit the Sailor's among the Nereids. A one of charmers, ay, 24
Only. Trouble, Una Unica, charmers, who, under the branches 25
trouble, trouble. of the elms, in shoes as yet unshent by stoni- 26
Forening Unge ness, wend, went, will wend a way of honey 27
Kristlike Kvinne. myrrh and rambler roses mistmusk while still 28
the maybe mantles the meiblume or ever her 29
            1 For Rose Point see Inishmacsaint.
            2 Mannequins' Pose.
            3 Their holy presumption and hers sinfly desprit.
            4 Anama anamaba anamabapa.
            5 Only for he's fathering law I could skewer that old one and slosh her out
    many's the time but I thinks more of my pottles and ketts.
            6 All abunk for Tarararat! Look slipper, soppyhat, we've a doss in the