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Honour commercio's energy yet aid the ARCHAIC   1
linkless proud, the plurable with everybody ZELOTYPIA   2
and ech with pal, this ernst of Allsap's ale AND THE   3
halliday of roaring month with its two lunar ODIUM TEL-   4
eclipses and its three saturnine settings! Horn EOLOGICUM.   5
of Heatthen, highbrowed! Brook of Life, back- 6
frish! Amnios amnium, fluminiculum flami- 7
nulinorum! We seek the Blessed One, the 8
Harbourer-cum-Enheritance. Even Canaan 9
the Hateful. Ever a-going, ever a-coming. 10
Between a stare and a sough. Fossilisation, all 11
branches. 1 Wherefore Petra sware unto Ulma: 12
Bags.   By the mortals' frost! And Ulma sware unto 13
Balls.   Petra: On my veiny life! 14
    In these places sojournemus, where Eblinn THE LOCALI-   15
water, leased of carr and fen, leaving amont her SATION OF   16
shoals and salmen browses, whom inshore LEGEND   17
breezes woo with freshets, windeth to her LEADING TO   18
broads. A phantom city, phaked of philim THE LEGALI-   19
pholk, bowed and sould for a four of hundreds SATION OF   20
of manhood in their three and threescore LATIFUND-   21
Move up,   fylkers for a price partitional of twenty six and ISM.   22
Mackinerny!   six. By this riverside, on our sunnybank, 2 how 23
Make room for   buona the vista, by Santa Rosa! A field of May, 24
Muckinurney!   the very vale of Spring. Orchards here are 25
lodged; sainted lawrels evremberried. You 26
have a hoig view ashwald, a glen of marrons 27
and of thorns. Gleannaulinn, Ardeevin: purty 28
glint of plaising height. This Norman court at 29
boundary of the ville, yon creepered tower of 30
a church of Ereland, meet for true saints in 31
worshipful assemblage, 3 with our king's house 32
         1 Startnaked and bonedstiff. We vivvy soddy. All be dood. 
          2 When you dreamt that you'd wealth in marble arch do you ever think of 
      pool beg slowe. 
          3 Porphyrious Olbion, redcoatliar, we were always wholly rose marines 
      on our side every time.