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    As we there are where are we are we there UNDE ET UBI. 1
from tomtittot to teetootomtotalitarian. Tea 2
tea too oo. 3
With his broad     Whom will comes over. Who to caps ever. SIC. 4
and hairy face, And howelse do we hook our hike to find that 5
to Ireland a pint of porter place? Am shot, says the big- 6
disgrace. guard.1 7
    Whence. Quick lunch by our left, wheel, IMAGINABLE 8
Menly about to where. Long Livius Lane, mid Mezzofanti ITINERARY 9
peebles. Mall, diagonising Lavatery Square, up Tycho THROUGH 10
Brache Crescent,2 shouldering Berkeley Alley, THE 11
Don't retch meat querfixing Gainsborough Carfax, under Guido PARTICULAR 12
fat salt lard d'Arezzo's Gadeway, by New Livius Lane till UNIVERSAL. 13
sinks down (and where we whiled while we whithered. Old 14
out). Vico Roundpoint. But fahr, be fear! And 15
natural, simple, slavish, filial. The marriage of 16
Montan wetting his moll we know, like any 17
enthewsyass cuckling a hoyden3 in her rougey 18
            1 Rawmeash, quoshe with her girlic teangue. If old Herod with the Corm-
    well's eczema was to go for me like he does Snuffler whatever about his blue
    canaries I'd do nine months for his beaver beard.
            2 Mater Mary Mercerycordial of the Dripping Nipples, milk's a queer
            3 Real life behind the floodlights as shown by the best exponents of a royal