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    And eher you could pray mercy to goodness or help with your 1
hokey or mehokeypoo, Gallus's hen has collared her pullets.2
That's where they have owreglias for. Their bone of contention,3
flesh to their thorns, prest as Prestissima, makes off in a thinkling4
(and not one hen only nor two hens neyther but every blessed5
brigid came aclucking and aclacking), while, a rum a rum, the6
ram of all harns, Bier, Wijn, Spirituosen for consumption on the7
premises, advokaat withouten pleaders, Mas marrit, Pas poulit,8
Ras ruddist of all, though flamifestouned from galantifloures, is9
hued and cried of each's colour.10
    Home all go. Halome. Blare no more ramsblares, oddmund 11
barkes! And cease your fumings, kindalled bushies! And sherri-12
goldies yeassymgnays; your wildeshaweshowe moves swiftly13
sterneward! For here the holy language. Soons to come. To14
    'Tis goed. Het best. 16
    For they are now tearing, that is, teartoretorning. Too soon 17
are coming tasbooks and goody, hominy bread and bible bee,18
with jaggery-yo to juju-jaw, Fine's French phrases from the19
Grandmere des Grammaires and bothered parsenaps from the20
Four Massores, Mattatias, Marusias, Lucanias, Jokinias, and what21
happened to our eleven in thirtytwo antepostdating the Valgur22
Eire and why is limbo where is he and what are the sound waves23
saying ceased ere they all wayed wrong and Amnist anguished24
axes Collis and where fishngaman fetched the mongafesh from25
and whatfor paddybird notplease rancoon and why was Sindat26
sitthing on him sitbom like a saildior, with what the doc did in the27
doil, not to mention define the hydraulics of common salt and,28
its denier crid of old provaunce, where G.P.O. is zentrum and29
D.U.T.C. are radients write down by the frequency of the scores30
and crores of your refractions the valuations in the pice of ding-31
gyings on N.C.R. and S.C.R.32
    That little cloud, a nibulissa, still hangs isky. Singabed sulks 33
before slumber. Light at night has an alps on his druckhouse.34
Thick head and thin butter or after you with me. Caspi, but35
gueroligue stings the air. Gaylegs to riot of us! Gallocks to lafft!36