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him against our seawall by Rurie, Thoath and Cleaver, those2
three stout sweynhearts, Orion of the Orgiasts, Meereschal Mac-3
Muhun, the Ipse dadden, product of the extremes giving quoti-4
dients to our means, as might occur to anyone, your brutest5
layaman with the princest champion in our archdeaconry, or so6
yclept from Clio's clippings, which the chroncher of chivalries7
is sulpicious save he scan, for ancients link with presents as the8
human chain extends, have done, do and will again as John, Poly-9
carp and lrenews eye-to-eye ayewitnessed and to Paddy Palmer,10
while monks sell yew to archers or the water of the livvying11
goes the way of all fish from Sara's drawhead, the corralsome, to12
Isaac's, the lauphed butt one, with her minnelisp extorreor to his13
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babbel men dub gulch of tears.17
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rock, evasive weed. Only the caul knows his thousandfirst name,19
Hocus Crocus, Esquilocus, Finnfinn the Faineant, how feel full20
foes in furrinarr! Doth it not all come aft to you, puritysnooper,21
in the way television opes longtimes ofter when Potollomuck22
Sotyr or Sourdanapplous the Lollapaloosa? The charges are, you23
will remember, the chances are, you won't; bit it's old Joe, the24
Java Jane, older even than Odam Costollo, and we are recur-25
rently meeting em, par Mahun Mesme, in cycloannalism, from26
space to space, time after time, in various phases of scripture as27
in various poses of sepulture. Greets Godd, Groceries! Merodach!28
Defend the King! Hoet of the rough throat attack but whose say29
is soft but whose ee has a cute angle, he whose hut is a hissarlik30
even as her hennin's aspire. And insodaintily she's a quine of selm31
ashaker while as a murder of corpse when his magot's up he's32
the best berrathon sanger in all the aisles of Skaldignavia. As who33
shall hear. For now at last is Longabed going to be gone to, that34
more than man, prince of Bunnicombe of wide roadsterds, the35
herblord the gillyflowrets so fain fan to flatter about. Artho is the36