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in Peruvian for in the ersebest idiom I have done it equals I so1
shall do. He dares not think why the grandmother of the grand-2
mother of his grandmother's grandmother coughed Russky with3
suchky husky accent since in the mouthart of the slove look at4
me now means I once was otherwise. Nor that the mappamund5
has been changing pattern as youth plays moves from street to6
street since time and races were and wise ants hoarded and saute-7
relles were spendthrifts, no thing making newthing wealthshow-8
ever for a silly old Sol, healthytobedder and latewiser. Nor that the9
turtling of a London's alderman is ladled out by the waggerful to10
the regionals of pigmyland. His part should say in honour bound:11
So help me symethew, sammarc, selluc and singin, I will stick to12
you, by gum, no matter what, bite simbum, and in case of the13
event coming off beforehand even so you was to release me for14
the sake of the other cheap girl's baby's name plaster me but I15
will pluckily well pull on the buckskin gloves! But Noodynaady's16
actual ingrate tootle is of come into the garner mauve and thy17
nice are stores of morning and buy me a bunch of iodines.18
    Evidentament he has failed as tiercely as the deuce before for 19
she is wearing none of the three. And quite as patenly there is a20
hole in the ballet trough which the rest fell out. Because to ex-21
plain why the residue is, was, or will not be, according to the22
eighth axiom, proceeded with, namely, since ever apart that gos-23
san duad, so sure as their's a patch on a pomelo, this yam ham in24
never live could, the shifting about of the lassies, the tug of love25
of their lads ending with a great deal of merriment, hoots,26
screams, scarf drill, cap fecking, ejaculations of aurinos, reecho-27
able mirthpeals and general thumbtonosery (Myama's a yaung28
yaung cauntry), one must recken with the sudden and gigant-29
esquesque appearance unwithstandable as a general election in30
Barnado's bearskin amongst the brawlmiddle of this village chil-31
dergarten of the largely longsuffering laird of Lucanhof32
    But, vrayedevraye Blankdeblank, god of all machineries and 33
tomestone of Barnstaple, by mortisection or vivisuture, splitten34
up or recompounded, an isaac jacquemin mauromormo milesian,35
how accountibus for him, moreblue?36