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arose. Avis was there and trilled her about it. She's her sex, for1
certain. So to celebrate the occasion:2
          Willest thou rossy banders havind? 3
    He simules to be tight in ribbings round his rumpffkorpff. 4
          Are you Swarthants that's hit on a shorn stile? 5
    He makes semblant to be swiping their chimbleys. 6
          Can you ajew ajew fro' Sheidam? 7
    He finges to be cutting up with a pair of sissers and to be buy- 8
tings of their maidens and spitting their heads into their facepails.9
    Spickspuk! Spoken. 10
    So now be hushy, little pukers! Side here roohish, cleany fug- 11
lers! Grandicellies, all stay zitty! Adultereux, rest as befour! For12
you've jollywelly dawdled all the day. When ye coif tantoncle's13
hat then'll be largely temts for that. Yet's the time for being now,14
now, now.15
    For a burning would is come to dance inane. Glamours hath 16
moidered's lieb and herefore Coldours must leap no more. Lack17
breath must leap no more.18
    Lel lols for libelman libling his lore. Lolo Lolo liebermann you 19
loved to be leaving Libnius. Lift your right to your Liber Lord.20
Link your left to your lass of liberty. Lala Lala, Leapermann,21
your lep's but a loop to lee.22
    A fork of hazel o'er the field in vox the verveine virgins ode. 23
If you cross this rood as you roamed the rand I'm blessed but24
you'd feel him a blasting rod. Behind, me, frees from evil smells!25
Perdition stinks before us.26
    Aghatharept they fleurelly to Nebnos will and Rosocale. Twice 27
is he gone to quest of her, thrice is she now to him. So see we so28
as seed we sow. And their prunktqueen kilt her kirtles up and29
set out. And her troup came heeling, O. And what do you think30
that pride was drest in! Voolykins' diamondinah's vestin. For ever31
they scent where air she. went. While all the fauns' flares widens32
wild to see a floral's school.33
    Led by Lignifer, in four hops of the happiest, ach beth cac duff, 34
a marrer of the sward incoronate, the few fly the farbetween!35
We haul minymony on that piebold nig. Will any tubble dabble36