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will rest him from tusker toils. Salamsalaim! Rhinohorn isnoutso1
pigfellow but him ist gonz wurst. Kikikuki. Hopopodorme. So-2
beast! No chare of beagles, frantling of peacocks, no muzzing of3
the camel, smuttering of apes. Lights, pageboy, lights! Brights4
we'll be brights. With help of Hanoukan's lamp. When otter5
leaps in outer parts then Yul remembers Mei. Her hung maid6
mohns are bluming, look, to greet those loes on coast of amethyst;7
arcglow's seafire siemens lure and wextward warnerforth's hooker-8
crookers. And now with robby brerfox's fishy fable lissaned out,9
the threads simwhat toran and knots in its antargumends, the10
pesciolines in Liffeyetta's bowl have stopped squiggling about11
Junoh and the whalk and feriaquintaism and pebble infinibility12
and the poissission of the hoghly course. And if Lubbernabohore13
laid his horker to the ribber, save the giregargoh and dabardin14
going on in his mount of knowledge (munt), he would not hear15
a flip flap in all Finnyland. Witchman, watch of your night? Es16
voes, ez noes, nott voes, ges, noun. It goes. It does not go. Dark-17
park's acoo with sucking loves. Rosimund's by her wishing well.18
Soon tempt-in-twos will stroll at venture and hunt-by-threes strut19
musketeering. Brace of girdles, brasse of beauys. With the width20
of the way for jogjoy. Hulker's cieclest elbownunsense. Hold21
hard! And his dithering dathering waltzers of. Stright! But meet-22
ings mate not as forsehn. Hesperons! And if you wand to Liv-23
mouth, wenderer, while Jempson's weed decks Jacqueson's Island,24
here lurks, bar hellpelhullpulthebell, none iron welcome. Bing.25
Bong. Bangbong. Thunderation! You took with the mulligrubs26
and we lack mulsum? No sirrebob! Great goodness, no! Were27
you Marely quean of Scuts or but Chrestien the Last, (our duty28
to you, chris! royalty, squat!) how matt your mark, though29
luked your johl, here's dapplebellied mugs and troublebedded30
rooms and sawdust strown in expectoration and for ratification by31
specification of your information, Mr Knight, tuntapster, buttles;32
his alefru's up to his hip. And Watsy Lyke sees after all rinsings33
and don't omiss Kate, homeswab homely, put in with the bricks.34
A's the sign and one's the number. Where Chavvyout Chacer35
calls the cup and Pouropourim stands astirrup. De oud huis bij36