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    Hear, O worldwithout! Tiny tattling! Backwoods, be wary! 1
Daintytrees, go dutch!2
    But who comes yond with pire on poletop? He who relights 3
our spearing torch, the moon. Bring lolave branches to mud4
cabins and peace to the tents of Ceder, Neomenie! The feast of5
Tubbournigglers is at hand. Shopshup. Inisfail! Timple temple6
tells the bells. In syngagyng a sangasongue. For all in Ondslos-7
by. And, the hag they damename Coverfew hists from her lane.8
And haste, 'tis time for bairns ta hame. Chickchilds, comeho to9
roo. Comehome to roo, wee chickchilds doo, when the wild-10
worewolf's abroad. Ah, let's away and let's gay and let's stay11
chez where the log foyer's burning!12
    It darkles, (tinct, tint) all this our funnaminal world. Yon 13
marshpond by ruodmark verge is visited by the tide. Alvem-14
marea! We are circumveiloped by obscuritads. Man and belves15
frieren. There is a wish on them to be not doing or anything. Or16
just for rugs. Zoo koud! Drr, deff, coal lay on and, pzz, call us17
pyrress! Ha. Where is our highly honourworthy salutable spouse-18
founderess? The foolish one of the family is within. Haha! Huzoor,19
where's he? At house, to's pitty. With Nancy Hands.Tcheetchee!20
Hound through the maize has fled. What hou! Isegrim under21
lolling ears. Far wol! And wheaten bells bide breathless. All. The22
trail of Gill not yet is to be seen, rocksdrops, up benn, down23
dell, a craggy road for rambling. Nor yet through starland that24
silver sash. What era's o'ering? Lang gong late. Say long, scielo!25
Sillume, see lo! Selene, sail O! Amune! Ark!? Noh?! Nought26
stirs in spinney. The swayful pathways of the dragonfly spider27
stay still in reedery. Quiet takes back her folded fields. Tranquille28
thanks. Adew. In deerhaven, imbraced, alleged, injoynted and29
unlatched, the birds, tommelise too, quail silent. ii. Luathan?30
Nuathan! Was avond ere a while. Now conticinium. As Lord31
the Laohun is sheutseuyes. The time of lying together will come32
and the wildering of the nicht till cockeedoodle aubens Aurore.33
Panther monster. Send leabarrow loads amorrow. While loevdom34
shleeps. Elenfant has siang his triump, Great is Eliphas Magis-35
trodontos and after kneeprayer pious for behemuth and mahamoth36