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Tark's bimboowood so pleasekindly communicake with the1
original sinse we are only yearning as yet how to burgeon. It's2
meant milliems of centiments deadlost or mislaid on them but,3
master of snakes, we can sloughchange in the nip of a napple4
solongas we can allsee for deedsetton your quick. By the hook5
in your look we're eyed for aye were you begging the questuan6
with your lutean bowl round Monkmesserag. And whenever7
you're tingling in your trout we're sure to be tangled in our tice-8
ments. It's game, ma chère, be offwith your shepherdress on! Up-9
some cauda! Behose our handmades for the lured! To these nunce10
we are but yours in ammatures yet well come that day we shall ope11
to be ores. Then shalt thou see, seeing, the sight. No more hoax-12
ites! Nay more gifting in mennage! A her's fancy for a his friend13
and then that fellow yours after this follow ours. Vania, Vania14
Vaniorum, Domne Vanias!15
    Hightime is ups be it down into outs according! When there 16
shall be foods for vermin as full as feeds for the fett, eat on earth17
as there's hot in oven. When every Klitty of a scolderymeid shall18
hold every yardscullion's right to stimm her uprecht for whimso-19
ever, whether on privates, whather in publics. And when all us20
romance catholeens shall have ones for all amanseprated. And the21
world is maidfree. Methanks. So much for His Meignysthy man!22
And all his bigyttens. So till Coquette to tell Cockotte to teach23
Connie Curley to touch Cattie Hayre and tip Carminia to tap La24
Chèrie though where the diggings he dwellst amongst us here's25
nobody knows save Mary. Whyfor we go ringing hands in hands26
in gyrogyrorondo.27
    These bright elects, consentconsorted, they were waltzing up 28
their willside with their princesome handsome angeline chiuff29
while in those wherebus there wont bears way (mearing un-30
known, a place where pigeons carry fire to seethe viands, a miry31
hill, belge end sore footh) oaths and screams and bawley groans32
with a belchybubhub and a hellabelow bedemmed and bediabbled33
the arimaining lucisphere. Helldsdend, whelldselse! Lonedom's34
breach lay foulend up uncouth not be broched by punns and35
reedles. Yet the ring gayed rund rorosily with a drat for a brat36