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delenes, were drawpairs with two pinmarks, BVD and BVD dot,1
so want lotteries of ticklets posthastem (you appreciate?) so as to2
be very dainty, if an isaspell, and so as to be verily dandydainty,3
if an ishibilley, of and on, to and for, by and with, from you.4
Let the hitback hurry his wayward ere the missive has time to5
take herself off, 'twill be o'erthemore willfully intomeet if the6
coming offence can send our shudders before. We feem to have7
being elfewhere as tho' th' had pafs'd in our fufpens. Next8
to our shrinking selves we love sensitivas best. For they are9
the Angèles. Brick, fauve, jonquil, sprig, fleet, nocturne, smiling10
bruise. For they are an Angèle's garment. We will be constant11
(what a word!) and bless the day, for whole hours too, yes, for12
sold long syne as we shall be heing in our created being of ours13
elvishness, the day you befell, you dreadful temptation! Now14
promisus as at our requisted you will remain ignorant of all what15
you hear and, though if whilst disrobing to the edge of risk, (the16
bisifings in idolhours that satinfines tootoo!) draw a veil till we17
next time! You don't want to peach but bejimboed if ye do!18
Perhelps. We ernst too may. How many months or how many19
years till the myriadth and first become! Bashfulness be tupped!20
May he colp, may he colp her, may he mixandmass colp her!21
Talk with a hare and you wake of a tartars. That's mus. Says the22
Law. List! Kicky Lacey, the pervergined, and Bianca Mutantini,23
her conversa, drew their fools longth finnishfurst, Herzog van24
Vellentam, but me and meother ravin, my coosine of mine, have25
mour good three chancers, weothers, after Bohnaparts. The26
mything smile of me, my wholesole assumption, shes nowt me-27
without as weam twin herewithin, that I love like myselfish, like28
smithereens robinsongs, like juneses nutslost, like the blue of the29
sky if I stoop for to spy's between my whiteyoumightcallimbs.30
How their duel makes their triel! Eer's wax for Sur Soord, dong-31
dong bollets for the iris riflers, queemswellth of coocome in their32
combs for the jennyjos. Caro caressimus! Honey swarns where33
mellisponds. Will bee all buzzy one another minnies for the mere34
effect that you are so fuld of pollen yourself. Teomeo! Daurdour!35
We feel unspeechably thoughtless over it all here in Gizzygazelle36