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things feminite, towooerds him in heliolatry, so they may catch-1
cup in their calyzettes, alls they go troping, those parryshoots2
from his muscalone pistil, for he can eyespy through them, to3
their selfcolours, nevertheleast their tissue peepers, (meaning4
Mullabury mesh, the time of appling flowers, a guarded figure5
of speech, a variety of perfume, a bridawl, seamist inso one) as6
leichtly as see saw (O my goodmiss! O my greatmess! O my7
prizelestly preshoes!) while, dewyfully as dimb dumbelles, all8
alisten to his elixir. Lovelyt!9
    And they said to him: 10
          Enchainted, dear sweet Stainusless, young confessor, dearer 11
dearest, we herehear, aboutobloss, O coelicola, thee salutamt.12
Pattern of our unschoold, pageantmaster, deliverer of softmis-13
sives, round the world in forty mails, bag, belt and balmybeam,14
our barnaboy, our chepachap, with that pampipe in your put-15
away, gab borab, when you will be after doing all your sight-16
seeing and soundhearing and smellsniffing and tastytasting and17
tenderumstouchings in all Daneygaul, send us, your adorables,18
thou overblaseed, a wise and letters play of all you can ceive,19
chief celtech chappy, from your holy post now you hast as-20
certained ceremonially our names. Unclean you art not. Outcaste21
thou are not. Leperstower, the karman's loki, has not blanched22
at our pollution and your intercourse at ninety legsplits does not23
defile. Untouchable is not the scarecrown is on you. You are24
pure. You are pure. You are in your puerity. You have not25
brought stinking members into the house of Amanti. Elleb Inam,26
Titep Notep, we name them to the Hall of Honour. Your head27
has been touched by the god Enel-Rah and your face has been28
brightened by the goddess Aruc-Ituc. Return, sainted youngling,29
and walk once more among us! The rains of Demani are masikal30
as of yere. And Baraza is all aflower. Siker of calmy days. As31
shiver as shower can be. Our breed and better class is in brood32
and bitter pass. Labbeycliath longs. But we're counting on the33
cluck. The Great Cackler comes again. Sweetstaker, Abel lord of34
all our haloease, we (to be slightly more femmiliar perhips than is35
slickly more then nacessory), toutes philomelas as well as mag-36