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mint. You mustn't miss it or you'll be sorry. Charmeuses chloes,1
glycering juwells, lydialight fans and puffumed cynarettes. And2
the Prince Le Monade has been graciously pleased. His six choco-3
late pages will run bugling before him and Cococream toddle4
after with his sticksword in a pink cushion. We think His Spark-5
ling Headiness ought to know Lady Marmela. Luisome his for6
lissome hers. He's not going to Cork till Cantalamesse or may-7
hope till Rose Easter or Saint Tibble's Day. So Niomon knows.8
The Fomor's in his Fin, the Momor's her and hin. A paaralone!9
A paaralone! And Dublin's all adin. We'll sing a song of Single-10
month and you'll too and you'll. Here are notes. There's the key.11
One two three. Chours! So come on, ye wealthy gentrymen wib-12
frufrocksfull of fun! Thin thin! Thin thin! Thej olly and thel13
ively, thou billy with thee coo, for to jog a jig of a crispness nice14
and sing a missal too. Hip champouree! Hiphip champouree! O15
you longtailed blackman, polk it up behind me! Hip champouree!16
Hiphip champouree! And, jessies, push the pumkik round. Anne-17
    Since the days of Roamaloose and Rehmoose the pavanos have 19
been strident through their struts of Chapelldiseut, the vaulsies20
have meed and youdled through the purly ooze of Ballybough,21
many a mismy cloudy has tripped taintily along that hercourt22
strayed reelway and the rigadoons have held ragtimed revels on23
the platauplain of Grangegorman; and, though since then ster-24
lings and guineas have been replaced by brooks and lions and25
some progress has been made on stilts and the races have come26
and gone and Thyme, that chef of seasoners, has made his usual27
astewte use of endadjustables and whatnot willbe isnor was, those28
danceadeils and cancanzanies have come stimmering down for our29
begayment through the bedeafdom of po's taeorns, the obcecity30
of pa's teapucs, as lithe and limbfree limber as when momie31
mummed at ma.32
    Just so stylled with the nattes are their flowerheads now and 33
each of all has a lovestalk onto herself and the tot of all the tits of34
their understamens is as open as he can posably she and is tourne-35
soled straightcut or sidewaist, accourdant to the coursets of36