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their salat, the madiens' prayer to the messiager of His Nabis,1
prostitating their selfs eachwise and combinedly. Fateha, fold the2
hands. Be it honoured, bow the head. May thine evings e'en be3
blossful! Even of bliss! As we so hope for ablution. For the sake4
of the farbung and of the scent and of the holiodrops. Amems.5
    A pause. Their orison arises misquewhite as Osman glory, ebb- 6
ing wasteward, leaves to the soul of light its fading silence (allah-7
lah lahlah lah!), a turquewashed sky. Then:8
          Xanthos! Xanthos! Xanthos! We thank to thine, mighty 9
innocent, that diddest bring it off fuitefuite. Should in ofter years10
it became about you will after desk jobduty becoming a bank mid-11
land mansioner we and I shall reside with our obeisant servants12
among Burke's mobility at La Roseraie, Ailesbury Road. Red13
bricks are all hellishly good values if you trust to the roster of ads14
but we'll save up ourselves and nab what's nicest and boskiest of15
timber trees in the nebohood. Oncaill's plot. Luccombe oaks,16
Turkish hazels, Greek firs, incense palm edcedras. The hypso-17
meters of Mount Anville is held to be dying out of arthataxis but,18
praise send Larix U' Thule, the wych elm of Manelagh is still19
flourishing in the open, because its native of our nature and the20
seeds was sent by Fortune. We'll have our private palypeachum21
pillarposterns for lovesick letterines fondly affianxed to our front22
railings and swings, hammocks, tighttaught balletlines, accomoda-23
tionnooks and prismic bathboites, to make Envyeyes mouth24
water and wonder when they binocular us from their embrassured25
windows in our garden rare. Fyat-Fyat shall be our number26
on the autokinaton and Chubby in his Chuffs oursforownly27
chuffeur. T will be waiting for uns as I sold U at the first antries.28
Our cousin gourmand, Percy, the pup, will denounce the sniff-29
nomers of all callers where among our Seemyease Sister, Tabitha,30
the ninelived, will extend to the full her hearthy welcome. While31
the turf and twigs they tattle. Tintin tintin. Lady Marmela Short-32
bred will walk in for supper with her marchpane switch on, her33
necklace of almonds and her poirette Sundae dress with bracelets34
of honey and her cochineal hose with the caramel dancings, the35
briskly best from Bootiestown, and her suckingstaff of ivory-36